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2009 - 2012

TKU March 2009

In TKU March 2009 the pattern was updated to fix bug in searching for MS SQL Database Server and MS SQL RS by DNS hostnames.

TKU May 2010

In TKU May 2010 various searches were updated to improve performance

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 extra known versions were added and the version handling was slightly improved for version 2011

Furthermore, the datastore search calls made in the pattern module have been reviewed and their efficiency improved where appropriate

TKU December 2011

In TKU December 2011 the search for a Microsoft SQL Server database was modified to search for a DatabaseDetail node attached to the Microsoft SQL Server SI.

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 AsyncService_WorkFlowService pattern was updated to support IPv6 protocol. DynamicsCRM_BAI now uses 'related_sis_search' function from CommonFunctions module.

TKU September 2012

In TKU September 2012 the DynamicsCRM_BAI pattern was updated to create a second-order Software Instance rather than a Business Application Instance. In addition, the key of the AsyncService_WorkFlowService pattern was slightly modified to ensure legacy BAIs were being destroyed.

2014 and later

TKU December 2014

In TKU Dec 2014, the pattern was updated with an alternative configdb registry key to obtain database information.

TKU December 2019

In TKU December 2019 we improved how we map internal version to product version

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 we made some small improvements concerning how we map version to product_version

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