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TKU November 2010

In TKU November 2010 there were some slight changes to the way the Orchestrator Console pattern links to a remote Orchestrator Server SI

TKU July 2012

In TKU TKU July 2012 'related_sis_search' function from CommonFunctions module was implemented.

TKU June 2013

In TKU TKU June 2013 new known version was added.

TKU January 2016

In TKU January 2016 the following changes were made to the server pattern:

  • The pattern now models links to a remote database
  • The software instance now links to a Tomcat Software Instance

We also removed the console pattern.  The details it models are better modeled by the Apache Tomcat pattern

TKU January 2018

In TKU January 2018 the following changes were made to the Agent pattern:

TKU February 2020

In TKU February 2020 the following changes were made to the Agent pattern:

  •  Added related process association, updated simple identifiers (DRDC1-14237).

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 we added details of which agents link to which servers

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