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Product Name
Linux-HA Cluster
Publisher Page
Open Source
Clustering and Availability Software
TKU 2019-04-1
Change History
Open Source Linux-HA Cluster - Change History
Reports & Attributes
Open Source Linux-HA Cluster - Reports & Attributes
Publisher Link
Open Source

Product Description

The Linux-HA project is a set of building blocks for high availability cluster systems, including a cluster messaging layer, a huge number of resource agents for a variety of applications, and a plumbing library and error reporting toolkit.

Main Linux-HA cluster layers are listed below:

The original image was taken from and is licensed under Creative Commons

Software Pattern Summary

Product ComponentOS TypePattern Depth
Linux-HA ClusterUNIXInstance-based

Platforms Supported by the Pattern

The current pattern identifies an instance of Linux-HA/Red Hat Cluster running *nix family platforms.

As modern versions of Red Hat Cluster are based on Linux HA technology, pattern will create Red Hat Cluster if it was triggered on Red Hat server, else Linux HA cluster will be created.


Cluster Instance Triggers

Trigger NodeAttributeConditionArgument
SoftwareInstancetypematches"Corosync Cluster Engine"

regex '\S'

local_node_idmatchesregex '.'

Cluster node types created

The patterns will create the following cluster nodes:

 Pattern NameNodeNode type

Discovery/ADDM Version

LinuxHAClusterLinux-HA ClusterAll ADDM/Discovery versions
 Red Hat Cluster
ClusterMember BMC Discovery 11.x

CI Depth

The pattern generates an instance-based Cluster Instance, whose key is based on type and multicast_ip.

Additional Information Obtained by the Cluster Pattern

multicast_ip is to be obtained from Corosync Cluster Engine SI.

Relationship Creation

Once both the SoftwareInstance and Cluster nodes have been created the pattern then creates two different relationships.
First a SoftwareService relationship is created using the SoftwareInstance as the ServiceProvider and the Cluster as the Service.
Secondly a HostContainment relationship is created between the Cluster (HostContainer) and the Host (ContainedHost).
These two relationships allow for the Cluster service to be correctly modeled in the ADDM UI.

Subject Matter Expertise

Any assistance offered to help us improve the identification of the product would be greatly appreciated


Cluster Awareness in BMC Discovery 11.x series

For BMC Discovery 11.x, cluster awareness has been incorporated into the pattern module. Pattern work same as it was before, but will create additional attributes for BMC Discovery 11.x series


The pattern has been tested against installations of Corosync Cluster Engine running on Linux platform.

Information Sources

Open Issues

There are no open issues.

Created by: Dmytro Ostapchuk 20 Feb 2013

The full text of this page is only available to our customers.

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