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TKU November 2010

In TKU November 2010 an optimization was added to the pattern so that if on a UNIX/Linux host being discovered, the pattern was triggered by an IBM WebSphere Application Server process that was spawned by another WebSphere Application Server process (one parent process spawning many child processes), the pattern realizes this and stops in order to prevent the same code being executed for each child process.

TKU November 2014

In TKU November 2014 the branding and known_versions were updated, short_name attribute added.

TKU January 2015

In TKU January 2015 triggering process was updated.

TKU July 2015

From TKU July 2015 we report the profile in the software instance name

TKU August 2017

In TKU August 2017 management code was updated slightly (DRDC1-9353)

TKU September 2017

In TKU September 2017 we improved the code to find the WebSphere Application Server Software Instance that runs the products modeled in this pattern

TKU August 2019

In TKU August 2019 we've added support for IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale - standalone deployment. (DRDC1-12701)

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