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TKU July 2011

In TKU July 2011 there was a major update. This:

  • Added an extra trigger for the Windows Server component
  • Added extra versioning methods to the Windows Server
  • Added modelling for the UNIX Server

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 the UNIX Server pattern was significantly updated.

  • The trigger was simplified to use a single process which is the main (and parent) process of the server component. The other processes that were in the trigger are now added as associated processes to the SI.
  • Regular expression used in the file versioning approach was improved based on customer feedback to allow the pattern to handle file contents produced by a wider range of versions of the product.

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 the following changes were made:

  • The regular expression used for file versioning was slightly altered
  • The SI type was updated to reflect the modern name of the product where applicable
  • Product and publisher attributes were added

TKU April 2014

In TKU April 2014 the following changes were made to the Server pattern:

  • Node name now retrieved from Windows Service and, if available, used in key
  • Corrected WMI query versioning
  • Added additional regular expression to package versioning

TKU October 2018

Added os_class to the Software Instances

TKU December 2018 to February 2019

In TKU December 2018 we:

These changes introduced two bugs.  We fixed one in TKU January 2019 and one in TKU February 2019

TKU March 2019

From TKU March 2019 we report session attribute information on UNIX as well as Windows

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 the value of the publisher metadata attribute and the publisher attribute on the SI were corrected.

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