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TKU July 2008

Between TKU February 2008 and TKU July 2008, the ClearCase pattern trigger was incorrect meaning that the pattern would not execute even if ClearCase Location Broker SI was created for a scanned host. This release of the pattern resolves this issue as well as resolving the errors that could occur in other patterns in this module if versioning was attempted using Windows Registry.

TKU September 2008

In TKU September 2008, we augmented the capabilities of the Location Broker pattern. The pattern is now able to retrieve Licensing Data for IBM Rational ClearCase. By executing an Active Command, the pattern can now retrieve and store Data about Maximum Licenses, Active Users, Available Licenses and Hostname of the License Server. This Data is available in the UI, and in Reports.

Please refer to the relevant Section for further details.

TKU February 2009

In TKU February 2009 we fixed a bug that, in rare cases, could cause problems when attempting to view the Software Instance node of the Location Broker.

TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011, the pattern module was updated in the following ways:

  • Default UNIX and Windows installation paths can now be set and enabled for use in file versioning via a new Configuration section.
  • If the Location Broker trigger process on the Windows platform is not fully qualified, an attempt is made to extract such information from Windows Services.
  • An alternative Windows registry entry has been added to support a 32-bit installation on a 64-bit edition of Windows.
  • The WMI Query versioning method has been added to the Location Broker, VOB server and View Server patterns.
  • Code to extract version and edition out of package information has been amalgamated and simplified.
  • New known versions have been added.

TKU August 2013

In TKU August 2013, 'ClearCase' pattern was updated to create the "IBM Rational ClearCase Server" SI only when either a 'VOB Server' and/or 'View Server' SI was present on the server as well.

TKU April 2019 & TKU July 2019

In TKU April 2019 and TKU July 2019 the pattern runCommands were updated

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