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TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 Executed file getinfo discovery function for false positive check to ensure LMT-TAD4D_Agent_message_handler.ear is present in the WebSphere Application Server profile directory to make sure License Metric Tool is running on the respective WebSphere Application Server profile

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 IBMLicenseMetricTool.tplpre ageing code improved by using model.setRemovalGroup function in case of ADDM versions 8.3 and above and 'related_sis_search' function from CommonFunctions module was implemented in LMTAgent pattern.

TKU April 2013

In TKU April 2013 the software instance triggers were tightened for IBM License Metric Tool Server

TKU May 2014

In TKU May 2014 references to the agent were removed.  The agent is now modeled with the IBM Tivoli License Compliance Manager pattern


TKU January 2015

In TKU January 2015, the pattern was updated to:

  • support new product version 7.5.
  • discover a IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed Server software instance, and create peer-to-peer relationship with Tivoli Integrated Portal SI (QM001857838).

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU March 2020

In TKU March 2020 fixed ECA error (DRDC1-14575)

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