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Product Name
ServiceGuard Quorum Server
Publisher Page
Clustering and Availability Software
TKU 2019-04-1
Change History
HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server - Change History
Reports & Attributes
[HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server - Reports & Attributes]
Publisher Link

Product Description

HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server is an alternate form of cluster lock that uses a server program running on a separate system for tie-breaking rather than a lock disk. Should two equal sized groups of nodes (exactly 50% of the cluster in each group) become separated from each other, the quorum server allows one group to achieve quorum and form the cluster, while the other group is denied quorum and cannot start a cluster.


Known Versions

  • 11.0
  • 11.09
  • 11.15
  • 11.16
  • 11.17
  • 11.18
  • 11.19
  • 11.20
  • 12.0

Software Pattern Summary

Product Component

OS Type


Pattern Depth

ServiceGuard Quorum ServerUNIX, WindowsActiveInstance-based


Platforms Supported by the Pattern

The patterns discovers HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server deployed on UNIX platforms only.


Software Instance Triggers


Trigger Node




QuorumServerInstanceDiscoveredProcesscmdmatchesregex '(?i)(\S+)?/bin/qsc$'


Simple Identification Mappings

The trigger process is given a simple identification mapping:



'HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server'

unix_cmd 'qsc'

Obtaining install root

The install_root location is extracted by parsing process arguments with following regular expressions:

  • (?i)(^/\S+)/bin/qsc$

Obtaining the version information

Active versioning

Active versioning is provided by running qs -version command under the installation path:

  • %install_root%/bin/qs -version

Application Model Produced by Software Pattern


BMC Atrium Discovery uses the following approach for modeling HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server components.

Software Pattern Model

Pattern Trigger

The HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server pattern triggers on the "qsc" process for UNIX with arguments that match the following regular expression "(?i)(\S+)?/bin/qsc$".

SI Depth

The patterns create an instance-based Software Instance with the key based on SI type, and the host key

Software Instance Modeling

Software Instance details of the HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server generated with this pattern:

Software Context view

The image below is an example of software context view of the HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server and related software:

Relationship creation

The pattern creates the following relationships:

model.rel.Dependency : (DependedUpon=HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server, Dependant=[])

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed to improving product versioning coverage and depth of
HP ServiceGuard Quorum Server model.

Information Sources

Open Issues

There are no known open issues with this pattern.

The full text of this page is only available to our customers.

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