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Product Name
Elastic Cloud Storage Portal
Publisher Page
Storage and Device Management Software
Change History
[EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Portal - Change History]
Reports & Attributes
EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Portal - Reports & Attributes
Publisher Link

Product Description

EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) provides a complete software-defined cloud storage platform that supports the storage, manipulation, and analysis of unstructured data on a massive scale on commodity hardware.

Management users can access the ECS UI, which is referred to as the ECS Portal, to perform administration tasks. Management users include the System Administrator, Namespace Administrator, and System Monitor roles. Management tasks that can be performed in the ECS Portal can also be performed by using the ECS Management REST API.

Known Versions


Software Pattern Summary


Product Component

OS Type


Pattern Depth

EMC Elastic Cloud Storage PortalUnixRestfulGet (/vdc/nodes.json)Instance based


SSH and REST API credentials valid for the EMC ECS storage device.

    1. SSH credentials should be entered as Unix host.
    2. REST API credentials should be entered as RESTful Web API with basic authentication

Platforms Supported by the Pattern

The pattern discovers EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Portal deployed on UNIX platform only.


Software Instance Triggers



Trigger Node






cmdmatchesunix_cmd "ecsportalsvc"
argsmatchesregex "ecs"

 Simple Identification Mappings

The trigger process is given a simple identification mapping:




"EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Portal Service"

unix_cmd "ecsportalsvc"

regex "ecs"

Obtaining version information

The EMC_ECSPortal pattern attempts to obtain the version via the restful GET method by running the following restfulGet request:

  • GET '/vdc/nodes.json'

Software Pattern Model

Pattern Trigger

  • EMC_ECSPortal pattern

Triggers on "ecsportalsvc" process (a docker child process) with arguments matching regex "ecs".

SI Depth

  • EMC_ECSPortal pattern

Creates an instance-based Software Instance with the key based on SI type, and the host key.

Software Instance Modeling

Software Instance details of the EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Portal generated by this pattern:

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed to improving product versioning coverage and depth of Elastic Cloud Storage Portal model.

Information Sources

Open Issues

There are no known open issues with this pattern.