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Clustering and Availability Software
TKU 2020-Jun-1
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Product Description

Cloudera Manager is available as part of both Cloudera Express and Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera Manager helps you easily deploy, manage, monitor, and diagnose issues with your cluster.

Software Pattern Summary

Product ComponentOS TypeVersioningPattern Depth
Cloudera Manager ServerUNIXPackageInstance-based
Cloudera Manager Agent

Platforms Supported by the Pattern

The pattern discovers Cloudera Manager deployed on UNIX platform only.


Software Instance Triggers

PatternTrigger NodeAttributeConditionArgument
Serverdiscovered java processargumentsmatchesregex "com\.cloudera\.server\.cmf\.Main"
Agentdiscovered python(?:\d+(?:\.\d+)*)? processargumentscontainscloudera-scm-agent
and or --agent_dir or /cm-agent/bin/cm\s+agent

Simple Identification Mappings

The trigger process is given a simple identification mapping:

Cloudera Manager Serverjavamatching regex "com\.cloudera\.server\.cmf\.Main"
Cloudera Manager Agentpython matching regex "agent\.py.*cloudera-scm-agent"
Cloudera Manager Supervisor Listenerpython matching regex "supervisor_listener\.py.*cloudera-scm-agent"

Obtaining the version information

The patterns use the version of the package that matches the following regular expression:

  • For Server: cloudera-manager-server
  • For Agent: cloudera-manager-agent

Obtaining information about related database

The Server pattern obtains database host and name from the located in the /etc/cloudera-scm-server/ directory, using the following regular expression:

  • For Host: com\.cloudera\.cmf\.db\.host=(\S+)
  • For name: com\.cloudera\.cmf\.db\.name=(\S+)

Obtaining listening ports

The Agent pattern obtains listening port from the config.ini located in the /etc/cloudera-scm-agent/ directory, using the following regular expression:

  • [^#]\slistening_port=(\d+)'
  • #\s?listening_port=(\d+)

Application Model Produced by Software Pattern


Cloudera Manager contains the following components:

  • Cloudera Manager Server
  • Cloudera Manager Agent
  • Cloudera Manager Event Server
  • Cloudera Manager Alert Publisher
  • Cloudera Manager Service Monitor
  • Cloudera Manager Activity Monitor
  • Cloudera Manager Host Monitor
  • Cloudera Manager Report Manager

Software Pattern Model

Pattern Trigger

The Server pattern triggers on a discovered java process with arguments that matches the following regular expression:

  • com\.cloudera\.server\.cmf\.Main

Tha Agent pattern triggers on a discovered python process that include cloudera-scm-agent and in its command line.

SI Depth

The patterns create an instance-based Software Instance with the key based on SI type, and the host key.

Software Instance Modeling

Software Instance details of the Cloudera Manager deployment generated with this pattern:


Relationship creation

The pattern creates following relationships:

  • An association between the Cloudera Manager Server SI and the parent process of the triggering one (su cloudera-scm -s /bin/bash -c nohup /usr/sbin/cmf-server).
  • A communication relationship between Cloudera Manager Server SI and related database SI,
  • An association between the Cloudera Manager Agent SI and the related supervisor listener process (a python process that contains cloudera-scm-agent and in it's command line).
  • A communication relationship between Cloudera Manager Server SI and Cloudera Manager Agent SI.

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed to improving product versioning coverage and depth of Cloudera Manager model.

Information Sources

Open Issues

 There are no known open issues with this pattern.


Created by: Rebecca Shalfield 20 Feb 2015