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TKU March 2010

In TKU March 2010 the pattern keys were changed to use a hash of the process arguments, not the full text. This should ensure all keys are a sensible length.

TKU January 2012

In TKU January 2012:

  • The Enterprise Manager pattern was updated to obtain channel and port information.
  • The Enterprise Manager pattern now models license information as detail nodes
  • The Web View pattern was updated to obtain port information and link to the relevant Enterprise Manager Software Instance.
  • There were some minor changes to the versioning code.

TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 the following changes were made:

  • A slight update was made to the regular expressions used in file versioning
  • Product version is now reported for the Agent
  • Build information is no longer reported as part of the version attribute of the Software Instance, it is reported only in the build attribute

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 WebView pattern was updated to support IPv6 protocol. 'related_sis_search' function from CommonFunctions module was implemented.

TKU December 2012

In TKU December 2012 the trigger processes were updated. The pattern now triggers on processes such as ServiceWrapper32.exe, as well as ServiceWrapper.exe. Some minor changes were also made to the pattern metadata

TKU February 2013

In TKU February 2013 the following changes were made to the agent pattern:

  • File versioning was added
  • The agent_name attribute was added
  • The Agent software instance now links to the relevant Enterprise Manager software instance
  • A small change was made to the versioning parsing to fix a bug

TKU April 2013

In TKU April 2013 the legacy em_hosts attributes that was removed in TKU February was added. It is not recommended that users use this attribute as the pattern now uses modern methods for relationship creation. The attribute is present only to ensure backward compatibility with legacy searches.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 the path versioning regular expressions were improved, "5.0" was added as a known version and package versioning was moved to a function.


TKU August 2014

In TKU August 2014, the pattern was updated to model additional attributes for the Software Instance:

  • short_name (TKU-2353)
  • listening_ports (TKU-2355)


TKU January 2015

In TKU January 2015the pattern was updated with the following changes (Esc 064912):

  • Improved versioning.
  • Added support for v9.5
  • Added support for new product braning (CA APM Introscope).
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