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TKU June 2010

In TKU June 2010 a change was made to the pattern versioning order. The pattern now use active versioning in preference to file versioning and registry versioning. We can guarantee that active versioning will always correspond to the same instance of the product as the trigger process.

TKU December 2010

In TKU December 2010 some slight improvements were made to pattern logging. Also a few changes were made to RSCD Agent triggers.


TKU May 2011

In TKU May 2011 the Application Server trigger was modified to prevent the pattern from triggering on an incorrect process.
In TKU May 2011 the RSCD Agent pattern was modified in order to add a false positive check for preventing the pattern from creating a Software Instance for the incorrect process.

TKU June 2011

In TKU June 2011 the Application Server pattern was modified for adding a fall back mechanism of getting deployment names from deployments directory if not obtained from log file (QM001705977)


TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 a check is now made that install_root is instantiated before executing certain commands or listing certain directories.

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 ApplicationServer, PXEServer patterns were updated to support IPv6 protocol. 'related_sis_search', 'links_management' functions from CommonFunctions module were implemented.

TKU December 2012

In TKU December 2012 'links_management' function was switched to 'modeluniquerel' function to manage relationships.


TKU March 2013

In TKU March 2013 Application Server pattern updated for the following things :

  1. install_path with spaces handled.
  2. Handling single deployment of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Application Server , where only a single child process is spawned from the main process.
  3. Product version now populated with upto 3 levels of versioning information.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 RSCD Agent pattern was enhanced as follows:

  1. Criteria for confirmation that this component is installed have been made more accurate.
  2. A user defined option added to allow for specifying the possible installation paths of this component to help for versioning and obtaining configuration information

Furthermore, all patterns update to return product_version in consistent format

TKU August 2013

In TKU August 2013 the path used for active versioning was corrected

TKU September 2013

In TKU September 2013 format of related_rdbms_sis_search() function was updated


TKU May 2014

From TKU May 2014 the following changes were made:

  • Details of the File Server was added
  • The trigger for BMC BladeLogic Server Automation PXE Server was updated
  • The regular expression used in active versioning was updated
  • We report details of the service pack on the software instance 

TKU Jul 2014

Starting from the TKU-July-2014, the following changes are introduced:

  • Management relationships are created from a BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite File Server software instance to the filesystem nodes it uses (TKU-2248).
  • The versioning in RSCD Agent pattern has been improved to correctly discover the version of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation running on UBUNTU operation system (QM001852280).

TKU Aug 2014

Starting from the TKU-Aug-2014, the pattern models the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation TFTP Server.

TKU November 2014

In TKU-November-2014 Path Versioning was added as alternative approach.

TKU September 2015

In TKU September 2015 database linking was updated.

TKU October 2015

In TKU October 2015 blasadmin command in the File Server pattern was updated.


TKU May 2016

In TKU May 2016, the following changes were implemented:

  • Versioning Methods were reprioritized (DRDC1-6154)
  • Added an alternative method of install_root extraction(DRDC1-6154)
  • Updated regex for Active Versioning method(DRDC1-6154)



TKU December 2018

In TKU Dec 2018, the following changes were implemented:

Added check for false positive trigger on 'Saba Meeting Collaboration Server' (DRDC1-12409)


TKU January 2019

In TKU Jan 2019, the following changes were implemented:

  • Pattern updated to use modern discovery functions (DRDC1-12409)
  • Removed legacy second order SoftwareInstance (DRDC1-11871)

TKU February 2019

In TKU February 2019, the following changes were implemented:

TKU April 2019 & TKU July 2019

In TKU April 2019 and TKU July 2019 the pattern runCommands were updated


TKU March 2021 & TKU April 2021

From TKU March 2021 we call the product "BMC TrueSight" not "BMC BladeLogic" for modern versions.  There was some minor bug fixes for this product in TKU April 2021

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