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TKU Feb 2010

In TKU Feb 2010 Product modelling was redesigned: added functionality to extract a license information from database, information about installed applications into server; functionality to create relationships with other Remedy AR System components: Flashboard, Mid-Tier; added assotiation to "armonitor" process. Also System Second-Order SI and Flashboard were created.

TKU Mar 2010

In TKU March a major bug was fixed, which prevented from the correct running of Server pattern when a Database query was encountered.

After the fix, the pattern runs correctly.

TKU August 2010

In TKU August 2010 there were some slight changes to prevent race conditions that could occur when the Software Instance was searched for before it was added to the datastore
Additionally, the patterns that execute 'reg query' command on the Windows hosts no longer use 'cmd /c' to execute it, but do so directly as use of 'cmd /c' is not required.
Also, Server name added to Software instance name attribute.

TKU September 2010

In TKU September 2010 the AR Server pattern was updated to improve parsing of database instance information for Microsoft SQL Server, as well as a fix being applied to the code block that creates the communication relationships between the AR Server SI and DB server SI.

TKU November 2010

In TKU November 2010 the Mid Tier pattern was updated. Triggered attribute was changed. Additionally the pattern was optimized.

TKU December 2010

From TKU December 2010 the database queries are only run if the relevant option is set in the pattern configuration. By default this option is enabled


TKU January 2011

In TKU January 2011 the Remedy AR System pattern now supports querying Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Server on a specific IP address and port, if this kind of configuration (IP address and port) has been discovered by the core MS SQL or Oracle DB Server patterns.

TKU February 2011

In TKU February 2011 the MidTier pattern was changed from using a key group of install root to a key of install root, type and host key.

TKU March 2011

In TKU March 2011 the MidTier pattern was changed to trigger on 'Apache Tomcat Application Server' and 'RedHat JBoss Application Server' SI. Previously the pattern used to trigger on 'BMC Remedy AR System Server' SI. With these changes the relationships are also modified to create dependency relationship with triggering SI and communication relationship with configured AR Servers.

TKU April 2011

In TKU April 2011 AR Server pattern was modified to extract related RDBMS details from either 'ardb.cfg'file (in case of remote DB location) or 'ar.cfg'file (in case of local database). Registry version was corrected to support instance, specific for the triggering process. server_nameis currently extracted from 'ar.cfg' file as well. Some small optimization enhancements were additionally done.

Furthermore, an issue was resolved in the AR System pattern that would lead to the pattern exiting with an ECA Engine error (due to an incorrectly initialized hash table) if the list of applications was obtained via a database query.

TKU June 2011

In TKU June 2011 way the AR Server pattern creates link with related RDBMS was modified. Also installation directory extraction regexes were updated. Configuration file name was updated either.
Other change in TKU Jun 2011 File versioning for AR Server version 7.1 is now supported (RFE QM001702506).

TKU July 2011

In TKU July 2011 way the AR Server pattern creates link with related RDBMS was slightly updated. Now the pattern processes default database name for MS SQL correctly.
Other major change in TKU July 2011 is modeling of BMC AR Server Group. BMC Remedy AR System SI can now also be modeled as BMC AR Server Group with containment of members of Group which are AR Servers and Database Server with which they are communicating.

TKU August 2011

In TKU August 2011 the AR Server pattern has been modified to properly link MSSQL Oracle RDBMS instances. The key, based on installation directory was fixed.

TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011 the AR Server pattern has been modified to properly destroy obsolete links with the related Oracle RDBMS instances. AR System pattern had been updated to manage links with the contained SIs.

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 the datastore search calls made in the pattern module have been reviewed and their efficiency improved where appropriate

TKU November 2011

In TKU November 2011 some additional attributes were removed from Server pattern, db_name attribute was added. System pattern was updated to fix issue with database queries, when AR Server SI was not providing necessary DB details.


TKU January 2012

In TKU January 2012 the Server pattern was updated to support Oracle clusters. The search for a Microsoft SQL Server database was modified to search for a DatabaseDetail node attached to the Microsoft SQL Server SI.

TKU April 2012

In TKU April 2012 several updates were included in the pattern module. For Server pattern server_name extraction from ARSystemInstalledConfiguration.xml file was abandoned as this file does not reflect changes of server name. Oracle SQL query for System pattern was updated as column names for this type of database differ from other AR System database types. MidTier pattern now supports WebLogic Application Server. File versioning in Flashboards pattern was switched to active method of versioning.

TKU May 2012

In In TKU May 2012 configuration file extraction for JBoss Application Server in MidTier pattern has been fixed. The issue with incorrect version number extraction had been fixed for Flashboards pattern.

TKU July 2012

From TKU July 2012 the MidTier pattern triggers on a software instance of type "Oracle WebLogic Server" as well as a software instance of type "BEA WebLogic Application Server"

TKU August 2012

In TKU August 2012 fixed issue with incorrect DB Server linking when there are several Microsoft SQL Servers on the host with the same database name.

TKU October 2012

In TKU October 2012 regex for server_name extraction was updated. Applications running within AR System are now represented as SoftwareComponent nodes to assist in Collaborative Application Mapping.


TKU March 2013

In TKU March 2013 the System and MidTier patterns triggers were updated to make them more strict.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 BMC Remedy AR Server pattern was enhanced. Added support for relationship creation with MS SQL Server when DB name is not specified in AR Server configuration

TKU July 2013

In TKU July 2013 the alternate method of obtaining configuration file name was added into MidTier pattern.

TKU July 2013

TKU August 2013

In TKU August 2013 additional application GUIDs were added to the table that maps these to installed Remedy applications allowing for creation of Software Component nodes representing these (if discovered).

TKU September 2013

In TKU September 2013 Oracle RDBMS linking code was updated. Now AR Server pattern searches for the related Oracle instances by service_name, Oracle Active DataGuard configuration is now also supported.

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 related database name was added into the BMC Remedy AR System SI key and Oracle search queries were updated to support multiple service_names

TKU December 2013

In TKU December 2013 various regular expressions no longer match on commented-out lines in configuration files.


TKU February 2014

In TKU February 2014 Remedy Mid-Tier pattern was enhanced through addition of an additional file versioning approach for installations running on Apache Tomcat, as well as through addition of package versioning when running on the Windows platform (QM001813443)

TKU June 2014

In TKU June 2014 the alternate validation approach has been added for MidTier pattern to detect the component within a non-default Apache Tomcat installation (QM001829182).

TKU October 2014

In TKU October 2014, the BMC Remedy AR System Server versioning is improved: active versioning as now a primary versioning method, registry versioning is not used any more (QM001859037).


TKU September 2015

In TKU September 2015 a link between Remedy Mid-Tier  and related Atrium SSO instance is supported.


TKU January 2016

In TKU January 2016 trigger for Server pattern was updated.

TKU February 2016

In TKU February 2016:

  • Added IBM DB2 database queries
  • Updated database linking
  • Updated relationship creation for AR Remedy System pattern
  • Updated install root extraction

 TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 queries to Oracle DB were updated (DRDC1-4759)

TKU June 2016

In TKU June 2016 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Updated BMC Atrium Single Sign-On SI search (DRDC1-5028)

TKU September 2016

In TKU September 2016 new Common Functions were implemented into the pattern. 'System' pattern now properly detects RDBMS Server instance to run SQL queries if it resides behind the Load Balancer.


TKU June 2017

In TKU June 2017 trigger for MidTier pattern was updated.

TKU July 2017

In TKU July 2017 Smart Reporting pattern was updated with fixes for Unix platforms. It is now bound to the related host.

TKU September 2017

In TKU September 2017 the following changes were made :

  • supported_app_srvs list updated (DRDC1-9766) 
  •  app_srvs search updated.  now SC can be found even if it runs on SoftwareCluster(DRDC1-8358).


TKU January 2019

In TKU January 2019 package versioning was updated, success_login_cred value for Oracle RDBMS related databases changed to success_login_credential.

TKU February 2019

In TKU February 2019 linking between Oracle Database and Remedy AR was updated.

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU August 2020

In TKU August 2020, the lookup table was updated to map from modern internal versions to marketing versions (DRDC1-13419),

added checks for associated IP address to host (DRDC1-13115)

TKU September 2020

In TKU September 2020, the code to extract the latest version of the product within a collection of .jar files was updated. In addition, a new lookup table was added to convert the version in a binary file such as flashd91_build001.jar into the corresponding AR Server version (DRDC1-14928)

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