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TKU February 2010

In TKU February we made some minor changes to ensure the pattern works correctly with version 7.5 of the product

TKU March 2010

In TKU March we made various changes to improve the pattern for older versions of the product. In particular:

  • File versioning is now attempted from the properties.txt file as well as from the BCACInstalledConfiguration.xml
  • For package versioning the pattern now checks additionally for "BMC CM Tuner"
  • The pattern now attempts to obtain port information from the properties.txt file and file(on Unix machines) as well as the BCACInstalledConfiguration.xml file
  • The pattern now looks in additional locations for the map file
  • Depending on the product version the patterns sets "BMC Configuration Management Tuner" SI type(for versions prior to 7.3) and "BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Tuner" SI type(in any other cases).
  • There is better error handling when dealing with non existent xpaths

TKU May 2010

In TKU May a change was made to a search to help improve performance.

TKU July 2010

In TKU July a minor change was made to improve performance

TKU August 2010

In TKU August 2010 there were some slight changes to prevent race conditions that could occur when the Software Instance was searched for before it was added to the datastore

TKU September 2010

In TKU September 2010 some slight improvements were made with the links to remote Software Instances

TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 checks are now made that install_root or workspace are defined before use

TKU June 2012

In TKU June 2012 added support for IPv6 and replaced part of code with related_sis_search function

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 fixed bug caused by adding list to node set

TKU November 2012

In TKU November 2012 Pattern updated to set product version in a format of upto 3 levels.

TKU February 2013

In TKU February 2013 Updated pattern to set type as "BMC Configuration Management Tuner" for versions prior to 7.3

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