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You can save the output from searches or reports in CSV format from the BMC Atrium Discovery UI. The export option is not available in the BMC Atrium Discovery Community Edition.

BMC Atrium Discovery Export

BMC Atrium Discovery Export enables you to publish data from BMC Atrium Discovery directly into relational databases and into all systems that can accept CSV files. BMC Atrium Discovery data is exported by creating an exporter, which is a combination of a mapping set with an adapter configuration. These concepts are explained in Introduction to BMC Atrium Discovery Export.

To export data in CSV Format

You can export the results of any search operation or any report in CSV format, enabling you to access the data by using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet and database applications.

  1. Click Export as CSV on the results page of any search or report.
    You are prompted to open the CSV file directly or to save it.
  2. (Optional) You can change the default file name, which is export.csv.
    CSV files can be opened and edited with any text editor, spreadsheet, or database program.

Export API

BMC Atrium Discovery is provided with an API that enables you to create custom scripts to interrogate the datastore. The export API can export data in XML or a stream of comma-separated text or an empty string.

See Export APIs for more information about importing and exporting data.

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