Uploading knowledge

You can upload knowledge files to BMC Helix Discovery from the Knowledge management page. However, TKUs are automatically updated and you do not need to manually upload them.

To upload knowledge

  1. From the Knowledge management page toolbar, click Upload
    The Upload Knowledge dialog opens.
  2. Click Browse to locate and select a file to upload.
  3. Click Upload.

The  Knowledge Upload - Progress display shows the loading and activation of the knowledge upload, and then the Manage Knowledge page shows with the Knowledge Upload - Complete display.

Click the Show Details link to see additional details on that category. For example, The Activate Pattern modules category contains links to each successfully updated pattern module. Where errors have occurred, these too are shown with links to the pattern module:

If you have disabled any patterns before the knowledge upload, they are not enabled by the upgrade. The Knowledge Upload - Complete display shows where disabled patterns have not been enabled:

The Knowledge Upload - Complete display also shows info level messages for pattern modules that were updated.

Determining the active TKU

You can determine the active TKU versions form the Knowledge Management page. The Knowledge summary shows the current installed (if installed) versions of the following:

  • TKU—the installed TKU version and the number of active pattern modules.
  • EDP—the installed Extended Data Pack version.
  • Storage TKU

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