Troubleshooting Outpost logs

If you face issues with a registered Outpost or it is not functioning as expected, you may intend to open a case with Customer Support. The following information helps you provide useful logs to Customer Support to diagnose your issue.

The Outpost logs are saved in the default installation directory, C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Discovery Outpost, which is represented here as $TIDEWAY.

Log type


Outpost service logs$TIDEWAY/log/tw_svc_outpost.log
Worker logs


where, TENANT = tenant name or appliance/cluster UUID
            INSTANCE = instance name or appliance/member UUID
            WORKER = Worker UUID

Proxy logs


where, CREDENTIAL = AD Credential UUID or “Outpost_Credential_Proxy”

If you have basic start up issues, such as the Outpost or Proxy service does not start up, then look up the Windows Event Log for issue details.

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