Time functions

The following functions manipulate dates and times. They were added in TPL 1.2.

There are two ways that dates and times are represented in BMC Discovery. In TPL, dates and times are represented as a specific time type, that can be manipulated and stored as times. Other parts of the system, including the time-related search functions, manage times as large integers, representing the number of 100 nanosecond intervals since midnight UTC on the 15 October 1582 (the date of the introduction of the Gregorian calendar). This is known as "ticks" or "DCE format"; there are 10 million ticks per second. In both cases, the times are stored in UTC.

TPL contains functions for converting between the two formats. Aside from the conversion functions, all TPL operations use the time type, not the integer ticks format.

Type mixing

Be careful to understand what kind of time value you are manipulating, either the internal TPL time format or the integer "ticks" format. Mixing the two can lead to errors.

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