Setting up and going live

BMC Helix Portal provides a set of integrated products and shared common services from a single unified view. The integrated products include, among others, BMC Helix Discovery. When you subscribe to one or more of the integrated products, you are eligible to use BMC Helix Portal by default. 

After you subscribe to BMC Helix Discovery, BMC provisions your system and provides details about how to access the system. For more information about BMC Helix Discovery activation, see BMC Helix Discovery service Open link . If you have subscribed to other integrated products as well, see  BMC Helix Portal Orientation Open link and BMC Helix core services Open link .

Before you begin

When you log in for the first time to BMC Helix Portal as a tenant administrator, you can provide your consent for data collection. For more information, see Setting up and going live Open link and Modifying consent for data collection Open link . If the tenant administrator provides consent for data collection, each user in BMC Helix Discovery will receive a notification when they log in and users can modify their consent for data collection at any time, as described in  Viewing and modifying your profile information Open link .

Setting up and going live tasks

As an administrator, perform the following tasks in the specified sequence:


Log in to the BMC Helix Discovery service. 

Complete the one-time process to log in to BMC Helix Discovery for the first time.

Logging into the BMC Helix Discovery service for the first time


Download and install BMC Discovery Outpost.

Perform this task to install one or multiple Outposts. Use the Outpost for storing your credentials securely and scanning your target hosts.

Downloading and installing a BMC Discovery Outpost


Register the BMC Discovery Outpost.

After your install the Outpost and before you start using it, register the Outpost and the BMC Helix Discovery service with each other. 

Registering an Outpost with the BMC Helix Discovery service


Configure the network to let each BMC Discovery Outpost reach

This is required to update the BMC Discovery Outpost.


Scan a significant part of your network

Add a some credentials, we suggest adding more than ten to the Outposts, and perform a scan. Again, we suggest scanning around ten IP addresses for this first scan.


Review the scan result and the duration


(Optional) Run BMC Discovery Outpost under a gMSA account.

Perform this task if your organization dictates the usage of gMSA account and you need to run BMC Discovery Outpost under a gMSA account.

Running BMC Discovery Outpost under a gMSA account


(Optional) Replace the BMC Discovery Outpost UI HTTPS certificate.

If your organization requires the use of certificates that are signed by a known and trusted in-house CA, you can replace the BMC Discovery Outpost UI certificate.

Replacing the Discovery Outpost UI HTTPS certificate


Set up users and groups.

Create users in your organization and assign them to groups for easy management.


Set up the instance identification.

Configure or view the details of your instance identity, admin email, and so on.

Setting the instance identification


Set up the standard data categories.

Configure the standard data categories specific to your organization that cannot be obtained from data discovery. This includes the locations, product groupings, status values and so on that are relevant to your organization.

Setting up standard data categories

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