Setting the instance identification

You can view or set details of the instance identity, support information (displayed in the Help drop-down on each BMC Helix Discovery page), and read-only information about the instance software version and revision.

To view or edit the instance identification:

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration icon 
    The Administration page opens.
  2. In the Instance section, select Configuration.
    The Identification page displays details of the instance identity, support information, and software.

  3. Edit the fields that you want to change.

    Field name




    The name of the instance.


    A free text description of the instance.

    Admin Email

    An email address for the person or group responsible for the administration of the instance.

    Banner Color

    The color for the top banner in the user interface. Setting a banner color makes it easy for users in the field to identify the instance they are using for various purposes (for example, development, test, and production environments). The instance name is displayed on the colored banner.
    In the Banner Color section, select the option button corresponding to the color you want to display in the banner.

    FIPS 140-2Shows whether FIPS 140-2 is Enabled or Disabled. This field is read-only.
    Show Self HelpOption to enable or disable the display of Self-help and Task List panes in the UI. These panes contain guided assistance that help you learn to navigate the product and perform tasks, such as registering an Outpost.
    In the Self-help pane, you can start guided assistance, access links to help topics, and watch videos relevant to the current UI. In the Task List pane, users new to the product are guided to perform tasks in a specific sequence. After you complete these tasks, the Task List pane automatically disappears from the browser.
    The available options are:
    • Yes — to display both the panes.
    • No — to hide both the panes.


    Support URL

    The URL to use in the Help drop-down.

    Support URL Title

    The title for the support URL.

    Support URL Label

    The label for the support URL.

    Support URL Description

    The descriptive text label for the support URL.

    Software RevisionThe software revision of the instance. For example, 777777.
    This field is read-only.

  4. To apply the changes, click Apply

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