Preparing BMC CMDB for synchronization


To create the BMC.ADDM dataset

Creating a BMC.ADDM dataset provides a dataset into which BMC Helix Discovery is exported before being taken into the BMC CMDB. You create the dataset by using the BMC CMDB Reconciliation console. It is recommended that you create the BMC.ADDM dataset on the primary AR System server.You can create a dataset from one of two places in the console.

  1. From the Identify activity, click Add Dataset Identification Group Association,
    and then click Create Dataset.

  2. From the Mid Tier, open the Core Console > Applications > Reconciliation console, and then click Create Dataset.
    Complete the following fields:




    The name for the dataset. Usually set to BMC.ADDM.


    The system identifier for the dataset. This must match the ID used in the configuration in BMC Helix Discovery. The default is BMC.ADDM.


    Set to Writable.


    Set to Regular.

  3. Click Save.

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