Excluding IP addresses and ranges from scanning

Your network might have some IP devices that you never want to be scanned, or that you want to exclude from a scan at a scheduled time. For example, you might have some legacy applications that will run only on old hardware and might be regarded as fragile. You can add such a device as a single IP exclude, or as an exclude range.

The following illustration summarizes the process for excluding a range of IP addresses from scanning:

Exclude ranges are added to the BMC Helix Discovery Outpost, and are configured individually for each Outpost. 

To add an Exclude Range

  1. Log in to the BMC Helix Discovery Outpost UI and select Manage > Configuration.
    The Outpost Configuration page displays. You configure exclude ranges in the the Exclude IP Ranges field.
    By default, no IP addresses are excluded from scanning.
  2. Deselect the Exclude IP Ranges check box.
    A field is displayed enabling you to enter IP address information.
  3. In the Exclude IP Ranges field, add the IP addresses or ranges that the Outpost is not permitted to scan. Enter IP address information as follows:
    • IPv4 address (for example Labelled v4.
    • IPv6 address (for example 2001:500:100:1187:203:baff:fe44:91a0). Labelled v6.
    • IPv4 range (for example, or 192.168.1.*). Labelled v4.
    As you enter text, the UI divides it into pills (discrete editable units) when you enter a space or a comma. According to the text entered, the pill is formatted to represent one of the previous formats or presented as invalid.
  4. Once you have entered the exclude ranges, click Apply.

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