Logging into the BMC Helix Discovery service for the first time

As an administrator, use the welcome email containing a one-time link to your service instance to log in to the BMC Helix Discovery service. This email is sent to you when you complete the registration. 

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To log in to the BMC Helix Discovery service

  1. When you are ready to access the service, click the link provided in the welcome email. 
    The Welcome to Helix Discovery page is displayed, that prompts you to enter the following details: 
    • Username
    • Full name
    • Password, and Password verification.
      The page also shows the qualification rules for the password. 
  2. Enter the field details and to set up your account, click Apply.

You are logged into the BMC Helix Discovery service. The home page is displayed.

From the home page, you can control most of BMC Helix Discovery. For example, you can trigger discovery of devices in your IT environment, discover your cloud services, configure users, and synchronize data to CMDBs. 

Where to go from here

Downloading and installing a BMC Discovery Outpost

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