Editing credentials

For every credential that you create, you can view, edit, disable, test, or delete it. Initially, you can view the credentials from the Manage > Credentials page. To edit the credentials, you must log into the Outpost and access the credentials from the Manage > Credentials page. The credentials are checked in sequence, and the first matching entry is used. After a working credential is found, no further credentials are checked. If you want to reorder login credentials, drag the credential to the required position in the list.

To edit credentials

  1. From the navigation pane, click Manage > Credentials.
    The Credentials page displays a link to the installed Outpost followed by a list of available credentials. 

    The Actions drop-down list next to each credential provides the Edit option. 

  2. Click either the link to the installed Outpost or click the Edit option for a credential.
    This automatically logs you into the Outpost in a new browser tab. By default, the Manage > Credentials page is displayed.

  3. Use one of the following methods to search for the credential that you want to view or modify:
    • Select one or more check boxes for the credential category you want to list, such as HostDatabase, and so on.
    • Alternatively, click the drop-down list for a credential category and select the check boxes for specific types under it. For example, click the Host list and select the VCenter and VSphere check boxes.
    • Enter a specific IP address or search text in the text box and click Apply.
  4. From the result list displayed in the table, click Actions in the credential line item for which you want to view or edit the information, and perform one of the following steps:

    • To edit a credential, click Edit.
      The details are displayed on the Edit Credential page. For detailed information on description of credential fields, see Adding credentials.

    • To delete a credential, select Delete from the list.

    • To disable a credential, select Disable from the list.

    • To test a credential, see Testing credentials.

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