Discovering MongoDB Atlas clusters

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MongoDB Atlas Open link is a cloud-based database service provided by MongoDB, Inc. that enables you to deploy, manage, and scale on popular cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It is a fully managed service that provides automated infrastructure provisioning, backups, and monitoring.

BMC Helix Discovery has been able to discover MongoDB Atlas clusters, if the hosts that can be reached with an IP scan, and credentials are available. Using the MongoDB Atlas API provider enables you to discover the all Atlas clusters. This applies even to those servers that cannot be reached with an IP scan.

To discover MongoDB Atlas clusters

The following table describes the tasks that you must perform in the specified sequence, the description of the action that you must perform, and the reference to the procedure:


Ensure you have sufficient permissions to access the MongoDB Atlas clusters

Ensure access permissions

Create an API provider credential valid for the MongoDB Atlas

Create an API provider credential

Perform an API scan

Perform an API scan

Ensure you have sufficient permissions to access the MongoDB Atlas clusters

For any Atlas clusters in which you want to be able to discover all supported resources you must provide BMC Helix Discovery with a pair of public and private keys used to authenticate with MongoDB Atlas. You can obtain administrative API key using the Atlas UI. Follow Organization Access Manager and then create API Key on appropriate tab. For more information see Manage Programmatic Access to an Organization Open link

Create an API provider credential valid for the MongoDB Atlas

Use the MongoDB Atlas programmatic key that you have just created and retrieved to create the API provider credential. For information on creating credentials, see Adding credentials.

Perform an API scan

  1. On the Manage > Discovery page, click Add New Run.
  2. In the Timing field, select Snapshot.
  3. In the Targeting field, select API.

  4. Enter the information for the snapshot API provider discovery run in the fields.

    Field name



    Enter a label for the discovery run. Where the discovery run is referred to in the UI, it is this label that is shown.


    Select the run type, one of:

    • Snapshot — The run is performed immediately.

    • Scheduled — The run is performed according to the scheduling information you enter.

    For this snapshot scan, select Snapshot.


    Select the target for the discovery run. This is one of:

    • IP Address — Enter IP address information.
    • Cloud — Enter cloud provider information.
    • API — Enter API provider information.

    For this API provider scan, select API.


    Specify the type of API provider. Currently, BMC Helix Discovery supports the following providers:

    • Kubernetes/OpenShift Cluster
    • MongoDB Atlas
    • Rancher Managed Kubernetes Clusters 

    Restrict by Organization

    This field is available only if you have enabled the Enable Restricted Organizations setting in the Administration > Other Settings UI. For more information, see Configuring discovery settings.

    Select the organization that you want to use for the scan. The organizations available in the list are limited to those organizations of which the logged-in user is a member. The organization you select impacts the Outposts available in the scope via field. For more information, see Outposts restricted by organizations.  


    The list is populated with valid credentials for the selected provider. Select the credential or credentials to use for the discovery run.

  5. Click OK to start the run.


This example uses a snapshot scan. For information on running scheduled cans, see Performing a discovery run.

View discovered MongoDB Atlas clusters

Once you have discovered a MongoDB Atlas instance, you can view the clusters it manages. To do so:

  1. From the Discovery page, select the Recent Runs tab.

  2. Click the snapshot API scan you have just performed.

  3. Click the Clusters icon and select one of the discovered clusters.

For more information

For more information about the discovery of MongoDB Atlas clusters, see the MongoDB Atlas documentation.

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