Veritas InfoScale Agents - Reports & Attributes


The following attributes are available for Symantec Veritas Cluster Server Agent

Default Attributes

  • type = Symantec VERITAS Cluster Server Agent for <Agent type> (where <Agent type> is type of Agent, for example: 'Oracle Database Server' or 'LVM Volume Group Management' etc.)
  • product_version
  • version
  • name

Optional Attributes

There are no optional attributes set


The following report will show all Cluster Server Agents in environment:

SEARCH SoftwareInstance WHERE type MATCHES "Symantec VERITAS Cluster Server Agent" SHOW type AS 'Type of VCS Agent', version, #RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host.hostname AS 'Host', #RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host.os_type AS 'OS'

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