Supported SNMP Devices

This page shows all the devices supported via SNMP Discovery, organized in several ways: by Model, Kind, and so on. The full list of devices is also available in xlsx format and can be downloaded from here.

NetworkDevice is a device that takes a part in traffic flow, such as Routing and Switching. An SNMPManagedDevice is an endpoint device. Some devices have a non-unique and generic model name whereas they own a unique sysObjectID. That is expected since BMC Discovery queries specific SNMP OIDS to obtain the correct model name value and if not present, will default to the table listed value.

Request support for a new SNMP device

If you need BMC Discovery to support a new SNMP device, use the Device Capture capability to download a zipped MIB that you can forward to BMC Customer Support as part of a new support issue. BMC Discovery engineering will aim to incorporate support for the new device as a new feature in the coming monthly TKU releases. You are recommended to raise the case reporting the unsupported SNMP device, including the zipped MIB as early as possible to maximize the chances of its inclusion in the earliest release possible.

Supported API devices

The XML API discovery is only available for Cisco CIMC and HP iLO management controllers. For more information, see Supported API Devices

Supported devices list

You can find a necessary device by clicking a page with the corresponding model name in the list below. 

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