Red Hat OpenShift - Change History


TKU February

TKU March

  • Add new approach to obtain cluster API url (DRDC1-10915)

TKU April


TKU June

TKU August

TKU November


TKU January

TKU November

  • Updated etcd linking
  • Added new node type


TKU December


For  21.05 Release the following major updates were introduced:

  • Added API support for K8s and OpenShift discovery for Discovery v.12.2+. Now API Discovery supports OpenShift version 4.1 and higher. (DRDC1-15879, DRDC1-15878)

  • Added support for the Namespace and Software Pod node kinds. (DRDC1-15879)

  • Deployment node now has more meaningful type e.g. ReplicaSet, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, Job. (DRDC1-16511)

  • Management link between Master to Worker node has been removed. (DRDC1-16784)

  • Dependency link between container runtime SI and Worker node has been removed.

  • "key" attribute has been changed for OpenShift cluster and all cluster nodes.

  • OpenShift Master and OpenShift Worker node triggers were updated.

TKU July

  • Updated removal groups. (DRDC1-16970)
  • Added cpu_limits and cpu_requests attributes to SoftwareContainer node. (DRDC1-15197)

TKU August

  • Updated Kubernetes Functions to support uuid and kernel attributes for the host node discovered via K8s API Provider  (DRDC1-17081)

TKU September

  • Updated Kubernetes Functions to support containerd containers. (API Provider discovery) (DRDC1-17245)
  • Updated related hosts search for API discovery. Now Host nodes are linked to related Pods and Containers after the first scan.  (DRDC1-17287)

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