Red Hat JBoss Application Server - Reports & Attributes

Software Instances

The following attributes are available for Red Hat JBoss Application Server Software Instances

Default Attributes

  • edition
  • name
  • product_version
  • short_name
  • type  (Red Hat JBoss Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Host Controller or Red Hat JBoss Domain Controller)
  • version

Optional Attributes

There are currently no optional attributes for this product

Additional Attributes

  • domain_controller
  • eap_version
  • install_root
  • mode
  • multicast_socket
  • server_base
  • server_home
  • server_name
  • listen_ssl_tcp_sockets

Cluster Nodes

On BMC Discovery version 11.0 and later the pattern creates a software cluster node.  This has the following attributes:

  • instance
  • name
  • product_version
  • short_name
  • type
  • version


To show all hosts and clusters that are running a version of JBoss Application Server or WildFly that is licensed under Red Hat's Enterprise Application Pack run the following search:

  • search SoftwareInstance where eap_version matches "." traverse RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:

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