Oracle WebLogic Server - Change History

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TKU January 2009

In TKU January we added details of the BEA WebLogic Application Server workshop component.

TKU February 2009

In TKU February we added domain, cluster, listen address, listen port, ssl listen port, channels, default protocol and default secure protocol information to the Software Instance.

In TKU February 2009 we also added a configuration section which allows the Common Installation Locations to be user-definable; the default locations being "/opt/bea", "/usr/local/bea", "/opt/bea/weblogic" and "/root/bea". The same configuration section also allows the default listen port and ssl listen port to be user-defined, the defaults being '7001' and '7002' respectively.

Code has also been added to prevent attributes being added to _tw_meta_data_attrs twice.

TKU March 2009

In TKU March 2009 we updated the Windows pattern in two ways:

  • It now obtains its default listen ports from the configuration section as per the UNIX pattern.
  • We added a bug fix to remove extraneous hard returns from the install_root Software Instance attribute

TKU May 2009

In TKU May 2009 we updated the key. It now uses a hash of the process command and arguments, not the full text. This should make the key shorter


TKU January 2010

In TKU Jan 2010 the patterns were updated for CDM mapping.

TKU Mar 2010

In TKU Mar 2010 Pattern aims to determine whether the discovered Application Server is an administration server in order to populate JMX port information which can then be used for deep discovery of WebLogic.

TKU April 2010

In TKU Apr 2010 the code that determines the location of config.xml file which is required for obtaining domain information, listening ports (information required for deep discovery) on UNIX platform was optimized.

TKU July 2010

In TKU Jul 2010 a fix for a bug was added, which was caused by the pattern attempting to check content of the configuration file even if the content was not actually obtained.

TKU September 2010

In TKU Sep 2010 the pattern was enhanced by adding to SI name attribute the specifying of Domain to which Application Server belongs to, also domain name was added to created SI key.

TKU October 2010

In TKU Oct 2010 the pattern was updated to keep obtained 'domain' attribute which can be set by ExtendedWeblogicDiscovery pattern and update the name of Software Instance accordingly.

TKU November 2010

In TKU November 2010 the pattern was updated to model BEA Weblogic Application Server being run as a Windows service. In addition, beasvc.exe and beasvcX64.exe were added as simple identifiers. And also the pattern was updated to keep obtained 'cluster' attribute which can be set by ExtendedWeblogicDiscovery pattern.

TKU December 2010

In TKU December 2010 some slight improvements were made to the way the pattern discovers additional java processes. Also a few options were added to Configuration section which allow user to define possible absolute domain directory paths for each platform.


TKU March 2011

In TKU March 2011 the methods used for obtaining bea_home were optimized, Versioning from registry was also improved, Path Versioning was enhanced to use firstly install dir (if it was found) as the source for the version. Also additional Versioning method from config.xml was added.

TKU June 2011

In TKU June 2011 the pattern was enhanced to create a communication relationship with the Oracle Jolt Software Instance if it is found in the host mentioned in the config XML file.

TKU August 2011

In TKU August 2011 the pattern was enhanced to generate much more stable key and key groups, populate config_file as SI attribute.

TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011 for ADDM 8.3+ ExtendedWeblogicDiscovery pattern which is responsible for deep Weblogic modelling was enhanced with supporting config-file-based method as back-up for Phurnace mechanism. Weblogic Application Server pattern is unchanged though.

TKU December 2011

In TKU December 2011 slight updates were made to the way the bea_home variable is obtained


TKU January 2012

In TKU January 2012 the version mapping table (and metadata) in the pattern module was updated to add support for WebLogic Application Server 12c, and the patterns in the WebLogic Application Server module were enhanced with an improved code logic used to obtain the product version from the registry.xml file.
Finally, the WebLogic Application Server (Windows) pattern was updated, significantly enhancing the code to identify and model WebLogic Application Server when running as a Windows service

TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 the license attributes were moved to a detail node. There was some other minor tidying up of attributes.
Finally, the algorithm to set the SI key was improved.

TKU April 2012

In TKU April 2012 pattern was improved in terms of loading and activation performance and decreased memory footprint required

TKU May 2012

In TKU May 2012 ECA engine error that can occur if the channels information is found in config.xml file was fixed. Also functions were updated to process root directories for config.xml file obtaining.

TKU June 2012

In TKU June 2012 WebLogic SI Modelling enhanced that Extended Weblogic Discovery could trigger in the initial scan. Also Windows-based WebLogic 12+ service-mode support enhanced.

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 JMX port information obtaining enhanced and WebLogic SI type is now set to Oracle WebLogic Server for releases newer than 10.0

TKU August 2012

In TKU August 2012 determination of config.xml location improved.

TKU September 2012

In TKU September 2012 config.xml file path candidate obtained from RootDirectory argument is now added even if there are other path candidates.

TKU November 2012

In TKU November 2012 new method of obtaining BEA HOME added - via using weblogic.policy path, added Install Dir to BEA HOME candidates, enhanced Root Directory argument parsing (QM001768558), added masked-based user-definable domain directories support

TKU December 2012

In TKU December 2012 trigger was enhanced to support truncated process arguments, Domain or Root Directory were added to the key or key group when they obtained from argument list
Added new method of obtaining config.xml file from domain-registry.xml file


TKU January 2013

In TKU January 2013 candidates obtained from domain-registry.xml validation is fixed.

TKU February 2013

In TKU February 2013 Domain information management updated - domain now more often included in keys. Also non-official "-D_<domain><servername>" argument configurable support added. Model.withdraw() calls were removed as they could cause errors.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 additional attribute called 'cluster messaging mode' added to created Software Instances of Oracle WebLogic. Also XPath queries were optimized for multi-line contents.

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 the trigger of the ApplicationServer pattern was updated to additionally trigger on the '-DWLS_INST_NAME' argument. In addition, the appservername and domain variables can now be populated by the '-DWLS_INST_NAME' and '-DWLS_DOMAIN' command line arguments respectively. The WLS_INST_NAME and WLS_DOMAIN arguments are custom ones which we have seen in some environments.
Also getBeaHomeUnix() definition was updated to check install_root before returning it as one of the candidates (QM001808915).


TKU September 2014

From TKU Sep 2014, the pattern includes the following updates:

  • The path versioning has been improved in the Oracle WebLogic Server pattern (QM001858520).
  • Improved identification of databases hosted on the Oracle WebLogic Server (QM001857051, Esc062153).

TKU October 2014

In TKU October 2014, the Oracle WebLogic Server pattern was updated with more suitable trigger for discovering instances running as a Windows service. Server name attribute extraction method has been also improved. (QM001860126).

TKU December 2014

In TKU Dec 2014 the path versioning has been improved to retrieve the product version for BEA WebLogic Application Server SIs (QM001865450, Esc 065280).


TKU February 2015

In TKU February 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Privilege command execution configuration using the pattern configuration block has been deprecated. A recommended method through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration is described here.

TKU April 2015

In TKU April 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The following problem was resolved: The pattern might not discover some versions of the BEA WebLogic Application Server.(TKU-3503)

TKU August 2015

In TKU August 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The pattern was updated with a privileged command execution for BEA_HOME extraction if the primary method fails for Unix platform using the "PRIV_CAT %appserv_install%/common/bin/ | grep \"BEA_HOME=\"" command


TKU March 2016

In TKU March 2016 new WebLogicCluster pattern was added for BMC Discovery v11. Also numerous additional attributes within WebLogic SI were changed for consistency. 'Channels' attribute was replaced by the respective Detail Nodes. For BMC Discovery v11 and above J2EE Applications, JDBC and Mail Resources are now properly linked to either WebLogic Cluster or standalone Managed Server depending on deployment type.

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 xpath expression to extract WebLogic Portal information was updated.

TKU July 2016

In TKU July 2016:

  • We updated the pattern to extract an additional BEA home location
  • We improved path versioning

TKU August 2016

In TKU August 2016:

  • We slightly tidied how we handle config file parsing
  • We made a slight update to how we handle the software instance type.  We now assume the software instance type is the modern "Oracle WebLogic Server" if we cannot find a version
  • We improved the cluster key.  The cluster will now take a key of domain and instance if cluster_communication_socket does not exist

TKU September 2016

In TKU September 2016:

  • new common functions were implemented
  • updated regex list for WebLogic installation root extraction
  • improved registry.xml file parsing for versions 12c and above

TKU October 2016

In TKU October 2016:

  • added versioning mapping for v12.2
  • slightly updated xpath expression for version extraction from registry.xml file

TKU December 2016

In TKU December 2016:

  • moved back the function from J2EE.InferredModel(DRDC1-7552)

  • added 'listen_ssl_tcp_sockets' extraction(DRDC1-7528)

2017 & 2018

TKU January 2017

In TKU January 2017 search method for Oracle Jolt instances were updated(DRDC1-7224). Also filter to avoid setting environment variables into "listen_tcp_sockets", "listen_ssl_tcp_sockets" and "listening_ports" additional attributes was added.

TKU April 2017

In TKU April 2017 management code for WebLogic cluster was updated to properly remove old members. Also now the cluster is not created if it's clear from the beginning that no cluster members will be found. Type identification updated.

TKU April 2018

From TKU April 2018 we made the following chages:

TKU May 2018

In TKU May 2018 we reworked the SI name to make it shorter.

Also we made the following changes:

  • small change to path verisoning
  • added 'heap_min_size' and 'heap_max_size' extraction(DRDC1-11130)
  • updated Weblogic release classification (DRDC1-11213)

TKU June 2018

In TKU June 2018 added 'jolt_servers' modeling, updated support of new configuration files format.

TKU October 2018

In TKU October 2018 fixed 'jolt_servers' modeling bug, so that jolt server details would be created only if the servers in question are found.

TKU November 2018

In TKU November 2018 added support for Oracle WebLogic JMS resources.


TKU January 2019

In TKU January 2019 we improved how we obtain domain information and how we find config.xml

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU May 2019

In TKU May 2019 added to get domain name from domain.path attribute or 'pwdx' command (on Linux) (DRDC1-13170)

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 we removed cmd /c from the commands the pattern runs

TKU October 2019

In TKU October 2019 command versioning using opatch command was added. Configuration option for the list of custom locations to Oracle Installer location file added.

TKU December 2019

In TKU December 2019 imports updated.


TKU February 2020

In TKU February 2020 check was added to ensure that the domain value on Windows machine is not truncated.

TKU March 2020

In TKU March 2020 check was added listen_address to find correct SIs (DRDC1-14605),

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 fixed potential looping relationship in the cluster, file versioning was updated.

TKU June 2020

In TKU June 2020 added xpath expression for WebLogic SCA (DRDC1-15107)

TKU July 2020 & TKU August 2020

In TKU July 2020 we added extra locations to look for the registry.xml, the file we use for active versioning.  There was a small bug fix for this in TKU August 2020

TKU October 2020

In TKU October 2020 we made a minor bug fix to active versioning

TKU November 2020

In TKU November 2020 we tidied how we find wls_home and bea_home on Windows, updated path versioning.


TKU April 2021

In TKU April 2021 pattern was updated to check the patches information based on utility, opatch command was updated to also use lsinventory command.

PSU version may be used to set the main product version.

TKU May 2021

In TKU May 2021 added a check for partial domain name during cluster creation.

TKU October 2021

In TKU October 2021 listener socket extraction was updated.

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