Oracle Real Application Clusters - Change History


TKU June 2010

In June TKU The pattern was significantly rewritten: the triggering, versioning and modeling was changed. Now it triggers on Oracle Database Server Software Instance with clustered attribute, adds each related DB instance to Containment and also uses Path Versioning if inferred versioning was not successful.

TKU July 2010

In July TKU the bug related to issue when elevated privileges were not used was fixed.

TKU September 2010

In September TKU a minor bug - discovery.fileInfo method was changed to discovery.fileGet - was fixed.


TKU April 2011

In April TKU a pattern for Oracle RAC Globale Enqueue Service Monitor was added to enable identification of Oracle RAC even if ADDM is not able to create a complete Oracle RAC model due to scanning environment constraints.

TKU July 2011

In July TKU a configuration block was added to the pattern. This configuration block will enable ADDM user to provide a list of paths for 'crs_stat' command other than default one which will be retrieved by pattern.


TKU June 2012

In June TKU the RealApplicationClusters pattern has been simplified. Windows platform support has been added. The key has been simplified without loosing its uniqueness. All key attributes are now obtained from the triggering SI.


TKU June 2013

In June TKU oracle_id value is extracted even when it doesn't contain oracle domain value.

TKU October 2013

In October TKU the triggering clause was updated. It now checks if server_name attribute exists in Oracle RDBMS instance.

TKU November 2013

In November TKU Oracle service_name attribute is replaced with global_db_name in the trigger and key and clustered attribute is added to search query for all Oracle instances in RAC


TKU February 2014

In February TKU the pattern was updated in the part where it refers to Oracle Automatic Storage Management which si_type was changed from abbreviation to full name.(TKU-2080)

TKU April 2014

In April TKU RealApplicationClusters pattern was updated - SI key and name updated with node names from related oracle host nodes. Search query for finding of Cluster members was updated and made more accurate by adding conditions for 'rac_host_nodes' matching.

TKU July 2014

In TKU July 2014, to fix the incorrect naming for Oracle RAC SI located on single host, the key is now formed using the following format: cluster_id/rac_host_nodes/si_type.


TKU April 2015

In TKU April 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The documentation was updated with the following important information: two scans are necessary to allow BMC Atrium Discovery model all interdependent elements of Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Clusters. (QM001876497 )


TKU February 2016

In TKU Feb 2016 the pattern was updated to suppress the creation of the 'Oracle RAC' second-order Software Instance on BMC Discovery 11.0 and higher as superseded by the new cluster modelling.

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 the key was updated to avoid from creation Cluster where member nodes were not found(DRDC1-6086).

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 versioning for Oracle RAC Global Enqueue Service Monitor updated to include Oracle Database worker as version source.

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