Oracle Management Packs

Product Description

The management packs can be purchased only with Enterprise Edition. The features in these packs are accessible through Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, and APIs provided with Oracle Database software.

The pattern obtains the following management packs:

  • Oracle Diagnostic Pack
  • Oracle Tuning Pack
  • Oracle Data Masking Pack
  • Oracle Change Management Pack
  • Oracle Configuration Management Pack
  • Oracle Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack
  • Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack

All management packs are enabled by default and require separate license until they are manually disabled.

Software Instance Triggers

OS typeTrigger NodeAttributeConditionArgument
Unix, WindowsSoftwareInstancetype=Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Server

Oracle Management Packs via Query

The pattern executes an SQL Query against the Oracle Database Instance, unless this option has been disabled in the pattern configuration. The pattern uses 'success_login_cred' attribute of related "Oracle Database Server" SI to run DB Query.


Pattern tries to run sql query to system tables "sysman.mgmt_license_view" or "sysman.mgmt_admin_licenses", which could require additional privileges setup for oracle database User.


The database query to Oracle Database Server will only run if the extended_sql_discovery option is enabled in the Oracle Database pattern configuration section. By default it is enabled

The following query obtains all enabled management packs.

  • for Oracle 11: select PACK_NAME from sysman.mgmt_license_view where target_type='oracle_database'
  • for Oracle 10: select PACK_NAME from sysman.mgmt_admin_licenses"

The result is the list of enabled packs for specific Oracle instance.

For Oracle 11 pattern also tries to run sql query which obtains value of oracle parameter "control_management_pack_access":

  • select VALUE from v$parameter where name = 'control_management_pack_access'

An initialization parameter, CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS, controls access to the Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack. This parameter can be set to one of three values:

  • DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING: Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack functionally is enabled in the database server.
  • DIAGNOSTIC: Only Diagnostic Pack functionality is enabled in the server.
  • NONE: Diagnostic Pack and Tuning pack functionally is disabled in the database server.

Oracle Management Packs via File

If query method is not succeed for Oracle 11, then pattern tries to read information from the file:


which contains "state" data which is collected once per day:

  • Windows:

    'findstr control_management_pack_access "<db_si.ora_home>\\ccr\\state\\<db_instance>.ll"
  • Unix:

    'grep control_management_pack_access "<%db_si.ora_home>/ccr/state/<db_instance>.ll"

Finally, the pattern models a Detail Node for each management pack, and links it to the Oracle RDBMS SI.

The result is an easy-to-read Table, visible directly from the Software Instance.


This pattern has been tested against Oracle Database Server running on multiple platforms (Unix/Linux and Windows) with different configurations

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