Oracle E-Business Suite - Change History

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TKU July 2009

In TKU July we made many improvements to the E-Business Suite pattern.

We changed the E-Business Suite key, so that it now supports multiple Instances on the same host, differentiating them via the db_sid attribute.

We changed the Applications SI key, so that it includes the E-Business SI key.

We added support for Oracle Internet Application Server as a supporting App Server.

For each App Server & Web Server that we intend to add to the E-Business Suite Software Structure, we now check if their ebs_sid SI attribute matches the E-Business db_sid, and we only add them to E-Business if that condition is matched.

Regarding Web Servers, we removed support for a generic Apache Webserver, and are only looking for an Oracle HTTP Server SI, where ebs_sid matches db_sid. That is because the ebs_sid attribute is only set for Oracle HTTP Server, and the presence of that attribute is mandatory in modeling a correct link.


As a result of this change, from TKU July 2009 onwards, Apache Webserver SIs will no longer be supported by E-Business Suite SIs, and no relationship will be modeled between the 2 Software Instances.

We are now skipping Modules flagged as Shared, as only parts of them are active in E-Business.

We changed the trigger, so that it now engages when the ebs_suite attribute is set from the Oracle Database Server SI.


TKU July 2010

In TKU July 2010 we altered certain searches to help improve performance

TKU September 2010

In TKU September 2010 the pattern model was changed - now it triggers on Application Server SI and looks for DB SI, then does actions that were in this pattern from the point of obtaining DB SI and dealing with it creating E-Business Suite SI, versioning and creating needed Relationships. Now there is no flag esb_suite usage as it is now fully regulated by the Oracle Database Server pattern in order to not confuse things and make Oracle E-Business Suite pattern capable of managing created nodes correctly.

TKU October 2010

In TKU October 2010 the pattern was updated for use with ADDM 8.2 (by replacing Detail nodes representing installed modules with Software Component nodes) and also the pattern was re-designed to better handle the situation where E-Business is no longer detected on the host (removal of SIs).

TKU November 2010

In TKU November 2010 Regular expression used to obtain app_home variable from OC4J process arguments was enhanced.

TKU December 2010

From TKU December 2010 the pattern only runs database queries when the option in the configuration block has been enabled. The default is for this option to be enabled


TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 the datastore search calls made in the pattern module have been reviewed and their efficiency improved where appropriate


TKU April 2012

In TKU April 2012 updated method for running sql queries to Oracle Database Server

TKU June 2012

In TKU June 2012 the pattern was updated to inherit existing variables - oracle_config_home (formerly app_home)and server_name - and new variables - inst_top and context_name - from the Oracle Application Server OC4J and Oracle Application Server Software Instances to offer an alternative method of retrieving the .xml file. These changes also had the effect of removing code that could have caused an ECA error.

TKU July 2012

In TKU TKU July 2012 'related_sis_search' function from CommonFunctions module was implemented.

TKU September 2013

In TKU September 2013 format of related_rdbms_sis_search() function were updated, common parts of Suite and Suite11i patterns was moved to local functions.

TKU November 2013

In November TKU related_rdbms_sis_search() is replaced with related_rdbms_sis_search_extended() since now only this function supports domain_lookup() function


TKU March 2015

In TKU March 2015 pattern was updated to support versions 12.2 +

TKU April 2015

In TKU April 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Improved key for clustered deployment. (TKU-1949 )

TKU November 2015

In TKU November 2015 there was a minor update to the internal logic of the pattern.  This update did not affect user facing functionality


TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 queries to Oracle DB were updated (DRDC1-4759)


TKU January 2018

In TKU January 2018 the following changes were made to the pattern:

  • Updated E-Business Suite modelling :  database_sis  search enhanced for cases when db_sid = ora_service_name (DRDC1-10577)

TKU August 2018

In TKU August 2018 the following changes were made to the pattern:

  • Updated key generation to avoid possible ECA

TKU September 2018

In TKU September 2018 added support for clustered instances.


TKU January 2019

TKU February 2019

TKU May 2020

In TKU May 2020  Updated metadata URLs (DRDC1-14217)


TKU March 2021

In TKU March 2021 we improved the file versioning for modern versions of the product

TKU April 2021

From TKU April 2021 we ensure any Software Instances this pattern creates are explicitly linked to the hosting node (a host or a cluster)

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