Oracle Database - Reports & Attributes


The following attributes are available for Oracle Database patterns

Default Attributes

Oracle Database Server

  • type = Oracle Database Server
  • product_version
  • version

Oracle TNS Listener

  • type = Oracle Net Services (TNS) Listener
  • product_version
  • version

Optional Attributes

Oracle Database Server

  • instance: The Oracle SID
  • edition

Oracle TNS Listener

  • instance: The Listener instance name (often related to RDBMS SID)

Additional Attributes

Oracle Database Server

  • ora_home: The path to $ORACLE_HOME
  • db_unique_name
  • service_name: Database service name
  • clustered: Set to true/false depending on whether the Database Server instance is part of Oracle cluster
  • pmap_success: Set to true/false depending on the success of the pmap method
  • ebs_suite: Present when dealing with an Oracle E-Business Suite Database
  • *Net_service_names - a list of 'net_service_name's which are set up in local Oracle client (<ORACLE_HOME>/tnsnames.ora), and which are pointed to local Oracle SI (by SID or by service_name).
  • success_login_cred - contains information IP/Port/(SID/Service_name) of successful query.
  • listen_tcp_sockets - a list of all TNSListeners' sockets which serve current Oracle SI.
  • patches
  • product - Product name in combination with edition used in mapping to BMC_Product CI in Atrium CMDB

Oracle TNS Listener

  • ora_home: The path to $ORACLE_HOME
  • listen_tcp_sockets_raw - contains a list of sockets directly obtained from 'lsnrctl' command or 'listener.ora' file.
  • listen_tcp_sockets - a list of listen sockets, whose hostname/domain part is resolved to IP address.
  • served_oracle_instances
  • sid_to_service_map


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