Oracle Database Parameters

This page documents how the pattern creates the Oracle Parameters detail node.

The pattern runs the following query to determine the audit mode:

  • SELECT name, value FROM v$parameter

The pattern sets the attribute of audit_mode to true or false based on the value of the record where the name is “audit_sys_operations”.

The pattern runs the following query to determine the log mode:

  • SELECT * FROM v$database

The pattern sets the value of log_mode based on the value of log_mode in the first returned entry.

All other attributes are obtained by parsing the name, and value pairs of the following query:

  • SELECT * FROM v$database

If database queries fail, the pattern attempts to get the same information from the <ora_home>/dbs/spfile<sid>.ora file.

Typically, the following attributes are reported:

  • archivelog_compression
  • cdb
  • con_dbid
  • controlfile_type
  • database_role
  • dataguard_broker
  • db_unique_name
  • dbid
  • force_logging
  • flashback_on
  • fs_failover_current_target
  • guard_status
  • log_archive_dest_<number>
  • log_mode
  • open_mode
  • protection_level
  • remote_archive
  • primary_db_unique_name
  • protection_mode
  • switchover_status

The pattern creates a Detail node with a key based of the Detail node (“Oracle Parameters”) and the related Oracle SoftwareInstance key.

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