Oracle Database Installed Options

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Oracle Database Installed and Enabled Options via Query

The pattern executes an SQL Query against the Database, which returns a list of all Options and their Installed/Uninstalled status.

If the SQL query is successful, the pattern compares the results against a user configured list of installed options to search for.

The installed options searched for by default are:

  • Active Data Guard
  • Advanced Compression
  • Advanced Security
  • Data Mining
  • Database Vault
  • Exadata
  • Label Security
  • OLAP
  • Partitioning
  • Real Application Clusters
  • Real Application Testing
  • Advanced Analytics (>12c)
  • Spatial
  • Total Recall
  • Multitenant (>=12c)
  • Advanced Replication
  • Real Application Cluster One Node
  • Oracle Database In-Memory

  • Oracle Active Data Guard or Real Application Clusters

Installed packs:

  • Change Management Pack
  • Data Masking Pack
  • Diagnostic Pack
  • Tuning Pack
  • WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition
  • Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Database
  • Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack for Database
  • Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack

Finally, the pattern models a Detail Node for each installed options, and links it to the Oracle RDBMS SI.

The result is an easy-to-read Table, visible directly from the Software Instance.

For Oracle Advanced Analytics a check is performed to confirm the presence of Oracle R installed on the host and Oracle Data Mining, if either of them is not found the detail is not created.

Oracle Database Installed Options via File

If the above SQL Query fails or is unable to be executed for any reason, the pattern attempts to get the installed options from the comps.xml file

The pattern models a Detail Node for each installed options, and links it to the Oracle RDBMS SI.

Known Issues:

Query results for non-pluggable databases may be processed incorrectly in some cases. Fix is included in TKU October 2018.

Data Masking pack enabled via Oracle EM may not be found on the host(present as a detail on Oracle EM SI).

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