Oracle Clusterware - Change History


TKU March 2010

The created cluster node was changed. It now has an "id" attribute, not a "cluster_id" one.

TKU July 2010

The pattern has been updated to include configuration option to enable running the command with elevated privileges.


TKU February 2011

The pattern has been updated so elevated fileGet() calls when reading 'cluster.ini' were changed by runCommand() as workaround when fileGet() can't get it because of permissions to read needed directory contents. Also added additional method for obtaining cluster_id by using active command 'cemutlo -n'.

TKU September 2011

The pattern has been updated to have 'cluster_id' and 'oracle_home' SI attributes visible in the Atrium Discovery UI.


TKU June 2012

The 'oracle_home' attribute had been changed to 'crs_home'. Apart from triggering process command line it is now extracted from system registry on Windows hosts and from oratab file on Unix.


TKU November 2013

The Cluster node's type and name attributes were updated.


TKU February 2014

Added better error handling in 'cemutlo -n' command output

TKU April 2014

There was a slight improvement to the regular expression used to obtain cluster ID

TKU May 2014

The path versioning method was updated.

TKU September 2014

The pattern includes the following updates:

  • The cluster key has been enhanced to improve cluster modeling (QM001857358).

TKU December 2014

The pattern was updated to eliminate a conflict between the IBM Hardware and Oracle Clusterware patterns that resulted in the following situation: IBM HostContainer was created and immediately deleted (QM001863909).


TKU February 2015

The pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Privilege command execution configuration using the pattern configuration block has been deprecated. A recommended method through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration is described here.

TKU August 2015

The pattern was updated with change in command cemutlo_cmd_result regex from (\S+) to (\w+) as unidentified char was being picked up and added 'is not in the sudoers file' plus additional likely phrases to error_regex.

TKU September 2015

The pattern was updated with additional likely phrases to error_regex.

TKU October 2015

TKU November 2015

The pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The method of parsing the output of the cemutlo command was slightly updated
  • Changed 'file system error occurred' to 'file system error occur+ed' in error regex due to spelling mistake in vendor's error message
  • olsnodes output now checks for space character or tab between words prior to ascertaining cluster nodes

TKU December 2015

The pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The olsnodes command was expanded with the addition of three command line parameters - '-i -n -s'
  • 'identified as' was changed to 'part of' in SI name
  • 'identified as' was removed from Cluster name
  • model.uniquerel.SoftwareService was changed to model.rel.SoftwareService


TKU January 2016

The pattern was updated with the following change:

  • Regex to parse 'cemutlo -n' updated as first line of results might potentially be an empty line (Esc 084504)

TKU February 2016

The pattern was updated with the following change:

  • For BMC Discovery 11.x series, cluster awareness was incorporated into the pattern module.

TKU March 2016

 The regular expression to parse 'cemutlo -n' output was updated to handle space characters preceding cluster ID on same line.


TKU April 2016

The key was updated to avoid from creation Cluster where member nodes were not found(DRDC1-6086).

TKU July 2016

The -s option was removed from olsnodes command for specific versions.

TKU September 2016

 The following cluster resources were added(DRDC1-6649) :

  • ora.listener.type (Oracle Listener resource)
  •  ora.scan_listener.type (Oracle SCAN listener resource)
  •  ora.scan_vip.type (Oracle SCAN VIP resource)
  •  ora.asm.type (Oracle ASM resource)
  •  ora.service.type (Oracle Service resource)
  •  ora.cluster_vip_net1.type (Oracle VIP resource)

TKU October 2016

The following changes were made:

  • Certain resource types were removed from service_resource_types list because they should not be modelled as Cluster Services.
  • The key of a ClusterResource node now includes the key of the ClusterService node rather than the Cluster to prevent being linked to two or more ClusterService nodes.

TKU November 2016

The following changes were made:

  • Implemented alternative approach to obtain cluster resources on older Oracle Clusterware instances where '-dependency' in 'crsctl stat res <service_name> -dependency' is invalid argument.
  • Updated regexes to parse olsnodes command output when 'infrastructure error' encountered.
  • Removed USR_ORA_DB_NAME from resource mapping as, if empty, would overwrite valid instance value obtained from DB_UNIQUE_NAME


TKU June 2017

 The following changes were made:

  • The version check prior to executing the olsnodes command was updated.
  • The error handling was improved when executing the "crsctl status resource -f" command.
  • Changed model.rel.Containment to model.uniquerel.Containment to prevent ClusterResource node being linked to two or more ClusterService nodes.


TKU January 2019

TKU April 2019

Updated the runCommands pattern .

TKU August 2019

The following changes were made:

  • Added support for the old "crs_stat" command that was replaced with "crsctl status resource -f" in newer versions.

TKU December 2019

Updated imports.

TKU March 2020

TKU May 2020

Updated metadata URLs (DRDC1-14217).

TKU July 2020

Updated the related processes list.

TKU March 2021

Added a type attribute to ClusterMember nodes.

TKU October 2021

Updated the status related command for resources.

TKU July 2023

Added 'ulimit -c 0' to crsctl commands (DRDC1-14481).

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