New device support - priorities and procedure

The TKU Network team works on core networking infrastructure (Router, Switch, Firewall, Layer-3 Switch, Hub, Gateway, SAN Switch, Load Balancer), network printers, and management controllers types of devices.

For any new device support request, create a BMC Support Case with details: vendor, model names, sysObjectOID, and an SNMP device capture. For more information about capturing SNMP devices, see Capturing SNMP devices Open link in the BMC Discovery documentation.

Also, to discover your unsupported devices until they are added to a TKU release, you can create an SNMP Device Recognition rule. For more information, see Recognizing SNMP devices Open link  in the BMC Discovery documentation.

For the current schedule for TKU releases, see Schedule and Roadmap.

For the list of supported network devices, printers, SNMP managed devices, and management controllers, see Supported SNMP Devices

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