Netscout Infinistream devices

Netscout Infinistream firmware bug (No MAC address)

The Infinistream device can be scanned correctly, but after firmware update, it fails discovery due to No MAC Address. After firmware update the device do not respond with correct information on snmpGet requests by OID and  ("Null" response instead of the existing device MAC address). This is a problem with the device firmware.

The code was fixed (TKU 2021-12-1) and such devices can be discovered even with “No MAC Address” but with the presence of the device serial number. Or the customer can roll back the firmware.

To check if there is a bug on the device firmware, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the device snmpWalk and check the presence of the MAC address via SNMP by OIDs and/or
  2. Make the following snmpGet request to the device:

    snmpGet IP -v2 -C (b)

    - IP - device IP
    - – SNMP OID, the data ID which requested (MAC address in our case)
    - (b) community name

  3. Check if the result is equal to the OID  value received via snmpWalk.
  4. Perform the same actions against the OID
  5. Make a snmpNext request to the device (another way to get data similar to the previous query):

    snmpNext IP -v2 -C (b)

    - IP - device IP
    - –  the OID, which is previous to the OID
    - (b) community name

Next, check check if the response match the result of OID value received by snmpWalk.

Perform the same steps against the OID which is previous to the OID


If there is a mismatch in the results, then the device is processing SNMP requests for MAC addresses incorrectly. That means that there is a bug in the device firmware.

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