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TKU 2023-March-1

MongoDB Atlas systems are single-tenant, dedicated Cloud virtual servers created solely for an Atlas user.
These virtual servers are isolated within their private cloud (VPC) and do not share logical data storage or processing with other users.

It can be deployed on AWS, Azure, and Google clouds. This does not include multi-cloud, which is not fully supported at the time of writing.

Pattern summary

Pattern name

Operating system


Pattern depth



Software Instance triggers


Trigger node







This pattern can populate the following attributes:

Node type 


Default value

Test Software Instance
  • port
  • name
  • key
  • install_root

Test Software Cluster
  • port
  • name
  • key
  • install_root

API provider discovery

MongoDB Atlas Clusters are discovered using executing REST API queries and processing obtained data.


API Provider credentials in Discovery strictly require to pare of keys to be set. Your MongoDB Atlas administrator may generate these Public and Private keys in the "Organization Access Manager" section. Please follow the official Mongo DB documentation for more details about API key creation.

In overall there are only three attributes in credentials that must be specified:

Public Key:Atlas Admin API public key
Atlas Admin API private key
Timeout:Seconds passed until disconnected

Specifying an HTTP proxy by checking "Use Proxy" and setting appropriate credentials is also possible.

API queries and Discovery methods

Available MongoDB Atlas Discovery methods:

Discovery methodREST API queryDescription
Atlas.listProjects{api_url}/groupsReturns details about all projects. Not available to invoke from the pattern
Atlas.listProcesses{api_url}/groups/{groupId}/processesReturns details of all processes for the specified project
Atlas.listClusters{api_url}/groups/{groupId}/clustersReturns the details for all clusters in the specific project to which you have access
Atlas.listDatabases{api_url}/groups/{project_id}/processes/{process_id}/databasesReturns the list of databases running on the specified host for the specified project
Atlas.getProjectDetails{api_url}/groups/{project_id}Returns details about the specified project


MongoDB Atlas pattern triggers on DiscoveredAPIProviderResultList where discovery_method = "Atlas.listClusters".

Since API Provider supports dynamic lookup, few scans may be started simultaneously - according to the amount of discovered projects.

Software version detection

The version is obtained from Atlas.listProcesses API call.


The pattern creates relationships between the MongoDB Atlas Cluster and related MongoDB Atlas Server(s).

An example of the MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

Information sources

For more information about the described product, see the following official documentation:

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