Microsoft Hyper-V Server - Change History

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Before 2015

TKU December 2009

In TKU December 2009 Hyper-V Server pattern now uses WMI Query as the primary approach to obtain details of the running VMs.
Additionally, the original identifier used to populate vm_uuid SI attribute was incorrect, and this has now been corrected - this value is now stored as vm_bios_serial attribute and used (as before) to create relationships between the Hyper-V VM Software Instances and Virtual Host instances.
Furthermore, version mapping enhanced to support 2008 R2 release of Hyper-V.

TKU May 2011

In TKU May 2011 pattern module enhanced to improve the algorithm to uniquely link the Hyper-V VM Software Instance with its corresponding virtual host through addition of another attribute to match between the Hyper-V VM SI and the virtual host

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 a 'vm_class' attribute is added to Host nodes that are running virtualization software discovered by Atrium Discovery to enable easier reporting in a future version of Atrium Discovery

TKU September 2014

From TKU Sep 2014, the pattern includes the following updates:

  • The pattern has been improved to better identify related UNIX virtual machines and the Microsoft Hyper-V server.

TKU October 2014

In TKU October 2014, the Microsoft Hyper-V pattern was updated to support versions 2012 and 2012 R2.

TKU November 2014

In TKU November 2014, the Microsoft Hyper-V in pattern was updated WMI approach for version 2012 (RFE QM001862161)

2015 - 2019

TKU May 2015

In TKU May 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Improved WMI query.(QM001879355)

TKU June 2016

In TKU May 2016 we made some small changes to the way links from the software instance are generated

TKU September 2017

In TKU September 2017 - Updated short name attribute for Virtual Machines (DRDC1-8288)

TKU June 2018

In TKU June 2018 - Updated WMI approach for version 2012 (DRDC1-11452)

TKU July 2019

In TKU July 2019 we removed cmd /c from the commands the pattern runs


TKU June 2020

In TKU June 2020 was updated search of VM by UUID regardless of OS class (DRDC1-14847)

TKU November 2020

In TKU November 2020:

  • Added VM status attribute;
  • Changed VM versioning approach 
  • Modeling powered off VMs (DRDC1-14316)

TKU December 2020

In TKU December 2020 we improved the performance of the search that links the Virtual Machine node to the host


TKU June 2021

In TKU June 2021 - pattern updated to search Virtual Host regardless of scope (DRDC1-16761)

TKU August 2021

In TKU August 2021 - pattern updated to trim empty attributes (DRDC1-17100)


TKU April 2022

In TKU April 2022 

  • Updated in order to skip linkage to disabled/replica VM (DRDC1-18482)
  • Updated to avoid ECA Error (DRDC1-18628)


TKU January 2024

In TKU Jan 2024 support for vm_management_ip was added (DRDC1-21644)

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