IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core - Change History

TKU June 2017

In TKU June 2017, we updated the trigger to cover Windows "javaw" process name.  (DRDC1-8608)

TKU August 2018

In TKU August 2018, we added a false positive check to avoid triggering on the IBM Data Server Manager product.(DRDC1-11798)

TKU September 2018

In TKU September 2018, we added support for .ear modules. (DRDC1-11976)

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019, the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU September 2019

In TKU September 2019 cdm_software_server_type attribute was added to the metadata.

TKU November 2019

In TKU November 2019 updated file versioning approach (DRDC1-13954)

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 updated approach to extract instance (DRDC1-14797)

TKU Feb 2021

In TKU Feb 2021 updated method of deployed apps obtaining (DRDC1-14467)

TKU Mar 2023

In TKU Mar 2023, a single regex was split into three to look for ear/war/jar files individually (DRDC1-20271)

TKU Aug 2023

In TKU Aug 2023, liberty root is no longer hashed when assigned to the SI's install_root attribute (DRDC1-21549)

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