IBM InfoSphere Replication Server - Change History

TKU November 2009

In TKU November 2009 there was made a change into the pattern. Previously pattern was discontinuing it's work if it's detected that it's running on Solaris v8 and below. Now it discontinues its work only if db2sysc process is running from root.

TKU June 2010

In TKU June 2010 one additional bug, related with invalid active command output handling was solved. Now command on Unix systems, which validates Replication Server installation works properly.

TKU August 2012

In TKU August 2012 relevant module patterns updated slightly to ensure that if this product was identified on ESX Server platform, all the pattern code that should execute will execute (ISS03916697)

TKU January 2014

In TKU January 2014 relevant module pattern updated slightly to set type to 'IBM WebSphere Replication Server' if product has version less than or equal to 9.5 (TKU-2070)

TKU March 2014

In TKU March 2014 the pattern was re-written to trigger based on IBM DB2 licensing information retrieved by the IBM DB2 pattern as this is regarded as a lot more reliable method of correctly identifying this product.

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