HP Integrity Virtual Machines - Change History

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TKU September 2010

The following improvements were made:

  • Added linking between the controller SI and its hosted virtual machine SIs.
  • Added linking between a virtual machine SI and its host (now identified as "virtual").
  • Added a new attribute on Controller SI that provides information on hosted virtual machines and their status.
  • Added a new attribute on Virtual Machine SI to ascertain its ON and OFF status.

TKU February 2015

Deprecated privilege command execution configuration through the pattern configuration block. A recommended method is the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration.

TKU April 2015

Fixed an issue with sporadic deletion of the relationships between virtual hosts and their related physical hosts during the CMDB sync (QM001877789).

TKU July 2016

Updated SI naming.

TKU February 2017

Updated the regular expression to extract the instance from the trigger process arguments.

TKU March 2017

The following improvements were made:

  • Removed old SIs created by previous versions of the pattern.
  • Added support for removal of old SIs when SI moves from one host to another within same cluster.

TKU October 2018

Added support for HP 9000 Containers (DRDC1-11432).

TKU April 2019

Updated the pattern to use runCommand functions.

TKU October 2019

Removed "uuid" from the display attributes.

TKU February 2020

Updated the approach to search HP 9000 Container and IVM hosts (DRDC1-14162).

TKU November 2020

Added support for the ia64 hp Integrity Virtual Partition host (DRDC1-15913).

TKU March 2021

Updated search for Integrity Virtual Partition hosts (DRDC1-16419).

TKU March 2022

Replaced model.rel.HostContainment with model.uniquerel.HostContainment (DRDC1-17918).

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