Dynatrace OneAgent - Change History


TKU October

Added no_follow rules to prevent monitoring servers from following their agents (DRDC1-15861).

TKU December

Added support for Dynatrace Server and Dynatrace ActiveGate (DRDC1-14228).


TKU February 

Added new versioning that uses directory listing (DRDC1-16319).

TKU July

Updated active versioning (DRDC1-17097).

TKU December

Updated active versioning (DRDC1-17692).


TKU April 

Updated versioning (DRDC1-18362).

TKU July 2022

Updated file versioning.


TKU July

Updated process mapping for Dynatrace OneAgent SI with the oneagentloganalytics and oneagentextensions processes (DRDC1-1414).

TKU August

The following imrovements were introuced:

  • Replced Fuur.runComman() with DiscoveryFunctions.runFutureActiveCommand() (DRDC1-21524).
  • Added the oneagentctl --versionmethod 254.

TKU October

Updated the pattern to create primary inference links from the SoftwareInstance to the process it used as a trigger process. The pattern creates an associate link from the SoftwareInstance to all other processes referenced in the trigger process table that are running on the host.

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