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March 25, 2024
Enhancements available in this release of BMC Discovery:

 The entitlement to use BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations is available with BMC Discovery 24.1. See Using BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations for more information.

24.1 (13.2) enhancements
January 31, 2024

The following enhancements are available in this release of BMC Discovery:

24.1 (13.2) enhancements


You can upgrade to version 24.1 (13.2) from version 12.0 (20.02) or later. For information about the upgrade, see Upgrading.


Ready-made PDFs are available on the PDFs and videos page. You can also create a custom PDF.

The BMC Documentation portal gives you the ability to generate PDF and Microsoft Word documents of single pages, and to create PDF exports of multiple pages in a space.  

You can create a PDF of a page or a set of pages. (Non-English page exports are not supported.) You can also create a Word document of the current page.

To export to PDF or Word

  1. From the Export menu in the upper-right, select a format:
    • Export to PDF to export the current page or a set of pages to PDF
    • Export to Word to export the current page to Word format

  2. If exporting to PDF, select what you want to export:
    • Only this page to export the current page
    • This page and its children to export a set of pages

For example, selecting This page and its children from the home page exports the entire space to PDF.

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