Installation process overview

Perform the tasks listed in this section to install BMC Discovery and optionally install BMC Discovery Proxy Manager, BMC Discovery Outpost, and other components.

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Review the release notes for known product issues and limitations of this version of BMC Discovery.

2Review the sizing guidelines for virtual appliances and the memory and swap considerations.Sizing and scalability considerations
3Review the system requirements.System requirements

Install BMC Discovery.


(Optional) Deploy the BMC Discovery virtual appliance in the cloud on cloud providers, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Deploying BMC Discovery in the cloud
6(Optional) Install BMC Discovery Proxy Manager if you want to use Windows proxies.Installing BMC Discovery Proxy Manager
7(Optional) Install BMC Discovery OutpostInstalling the BMC Discovery Outpost
8(Optional) Check for any post-installation configuration that you may require in your environment, such as configuring a bonded NIC.Performing optional configuration

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