24.1 enhancements

BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2) runs on Oracle Linux 9. You can upgrade directly to BMC Discovery version 24.1 (13.2) from version 20.02 (12.0) and later that run on either CentOS 7 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

You can also migrate your data to a fresh installation of BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2). To migrate your data, you must back up the CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux based appliance and restore it to a new BMC Discovery appliance.

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BMC Discovery training and certification Open link

If you are new to BMC Discovery, we recommend that you see Getting started as an introduction to using the product.

Review the BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2) enhancements for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users. 

VersionFixed issuesEnhancements
24.1.00 (13.2)Known and corrected issues24.1 enhancements

Currently if you discover Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2), scan times are longer compared with previous versions of BMC Discovery. BMC Software is working with Oracle to resolve this problem. If you have a lot of services running in OCI, we recommend that you do not use BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2) in production at this time.

24.1 (13.2)

Define queries using a visual representation of the nodes and relationships

The visual query builder provides an intuitive way to create complex queries by using a visual representation of the nodes and relationships, without needing to use the query language. You can filter using combinations of attributes, focus the results on any of the nodes, and specify columns from any of the related nodes to show in the results.

The following screenshots show a simple example query and the results of running that query.

See Using the visual query builder for more information.

Automatically synchronize services between BMC Helix CMDB and BMC Discovery

If you model Applications in BMC Discovery and create Business Service CIs in BMC Helix CMDB, you can sync the services back into BMC Discovery. When configuring the sync, you can select an input dataset ID, the interval after which the sync should be updated, and insert a TPL mapping table to identify which BMC Helix CMDB attributes are exposed in BMC Discovery apart from the out-of-the-box ones (Name, ShortDescription, MarketVersion, Version, and Model). These options enable you to set up seamless and continuous work of BMC Helix CMDB sync. 

The following image shows the sync configuration settings:

For more information, see Setting up a CMDB synchronization connection.

Use BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations with BMC Discovery

BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations offers a systematic, automated approach to distributing valuable operations data to the applications and teams that require it. The entitlement to use BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations is available with BMC Discovery 24.1. See Using BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations for more information.

What else changed in this release


Nodes added, changed, or removed in BMC Discovery.

Model changes

Latest changes in BMC Discovery commands.

Changes to Discovery commands

List of OS and application packages contained in a default BMC Discovery Enterprise Edition installation.

Package list - BMC Discovery 24.1

Changes to open source packages and freely distributable binary components in BMC Discovery.

Changes to third party software license terms

Updates to predefined reports available by default in BMC Discovery.

Report changes

Change of supported OS for BMC Discovery Outpost 

The minimum supported version of the OS for the BMC Discovery Outpost is Windows Server 2016. Before upgrading your BMC Discovery Outposts to BMC Discovery 24.1 (13.2), you must upgrade any BMC Discovery Outpost hosts to Windows Server 2016 and later. 

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