This documentation supports the 21.3 (12.3) version of BMC Discovery.

Viewing a software container

A software container object in BMC Discovery represents an instance of a software container (such as Docker) running in the environment. Software Container nodes represent the containers, rather than any management software such as the Docker Engine. The Docker Engine and its equivalent for other providers is modeled using an SI.


Software containers are not synchronized to the CMDB. The transient nature and purpose of software containers means that synchronizing them might cause excessive churn in the CMDB. However, to ensure that the CMDB reflects the state of the container software configuration, the related SIs, load balancers, and deployment information are synchronized as usual. 

To view a software container

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Data.
    The Infrastructure page opens.
  2. In the Cloud & Container Orchestration section, click Software Container.
  3. Select a software container from the list, as illustrated in the following image: 

The following table describes the information fields for a typical software container.

Field name



Name of this host container (for example, Docker Container fuel-core-6.0-nginx on fuel.domain)


Type of host container (for example, Docker Container)


Image used to create the container (for example fuel/nginx_6.0)


Tag for the container (for example, latest). Tags are entered for cloud services through the cloud provider management interface.

Configipedia PageConfigipedia page describing the product and the pattern used to discover it. For example:
Instance CountNumber of containers grouped together
HostHost on which the software container application is running
Contains Software Instances

Pages for the Software Instances running in this Software Container

Managed by Software InstancePages for the Software Instances that manage this Software Container
Maintaining PatternPattern that maintains this Software Container
Associated processes

Pages for Discovered Processes associated with this software container

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