This documentation supports the 21.3 (12.3) version of BMC Discovery.

Discovery Run page

The Discovery Run page provides summary of discovery runs (scans). BMC Discovery lists details about the scanned network, type of scan performed, discovery level, and status of scan. The page also displays links to all the DiscoveryAccess nodes, which are created during each scan.

To view a Discovery Run page

  1. From the main menu, click Manage > Discovery.
    The Discovery status page displays.
  2. To view the latest completed discovery runs, select the Recent Runs tab.
  3. To view the Discovery Run page for a discovery run, click that run.

Example Discovery Run page 

The following screen shows a typical Discovery Run page.

The top section of the Discovery Run page shows summary results, with totals and links to attempted accesses that are part of this run:

  • Success – the endpoint was discovered successfully.

  • No Access – the endpoint responded, but no information was retrieved.

  • No Response – the endpoint did not respond. It is considered dark space.

  • Error – an error occurred during the attempted discovery access.

The top section also provides links to lists of the devices discovered as part of the discovery run. It lists:

  • Hosts
  • Network Devices
  • Storage Devices
  • Storage Systems
  • Printers
  • SNMP Managed Devices
  • Management Controllers
  • MF Parts

Discovery Run page attributes

The following table lists the attributes on the Discovery Run page.



Scan section

LabelThe label text entered for the run. 
Range Summary 

Summarizes the range of endpoints to be discovered by BMC Discovery.

The content can be IP endpoints, or cloud provider details.

UserUser who created the run. 
Scan Type The type of scan. For example, Snapshot or Scheduled.
Scan Kind Cloud or IP scan.
Scan LevelThe scan level. For example, Full Discovery or Sweep Scan. 

Total Number of Endpoints

 The total number of addresses in the run.
Status section
Start TimeDate and time the run started.
End TimeDate and time the run stopped.
DurationTime taken to perform the run. 
Number of Endpoints ScannedThe number of endpoints scanned.
Number of Endpoints Dropped  The numbers of endpoints that were not scanned.
EndpointsLink to the related DiscoveryAccesses.
Summary section
SuccessThe number of successfully discovered endpoints with links to DiscoveryAccess nodes. 

The endpoints skipped by the run. 

No accessThe endpoints that could not be accessed by the run. 
No response The number of endpoints that did not respond to the run.

The number of endpoints for which BMC Discovery could not generate a DiscoveryAccess node.


To begin troubleshooting an endpoint, go to its DiscoveryAccess node, which contains details related to connection timeout and session timeout. 

For information on how to use the DiscoveryAccess page to troubleshoot scan failures, see the following video (02:04):

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